When to Stop Breeding Dog: Last Pregnancy

In the same way that there is a recommended age for the first pregnancy, there is also a recommended age for the last one. Certainly not all females give birth with the same ease; in the same way that not all of them present the same complications in the moment of birth and there even is a hereditary component that determines that good childbearing daughters come from mothers who also were. However, you mustn't consider making your female dog breed after she is six years old, and seven on exceptions. Nevertheless, there are many breeders that do not share this opinion and keep on making them breed until the end of their days.

Obviously, under such conditions, the life of their dogs will always be shortened. It is certain that the fact that we must wait until a prudent age for the first pregnancy and then let the dog wait between one and the next, and then equally limiting the date of the last one. This means that in the life of your bitch, she'll only give birth to three or four litters, or fewer. I've personally been following this standard and it's always given good results, so much so that I firmly believe that my dogs are not "vending machines in which you only put the coin and try to get the object out". On the contrary, I believe that they deserve the same respect that I demand as a person; that exploitation is a thing of the past and that slavery was abolished more than a century ago.

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