Afghan Greyhound

The country of origin of this amazing greyhound is Afghanistan and the border zone of the South of China and Cachemira. This very ancient breed has existed since the year 2000 bC and it was raised without crossing it with any other breed. Its utilitarian qualities stick out more than its external appearance since it was not only appropriate for hunting but also as a good sheep and guard dog. In Afghanistan we can differentiate the mountain type, which is the smallest and livelier, it is called Ghazni; the type that lives in the plains, which is the biggest and heaviest and it is called after Bell Merrey the English man who introduced it in Europe for the first time in 1888. The breed standard was established depending on the mountain breed. But the imported dogs in the following years especially 1920-1924 belonged to two types and were the reason of discussions. The new standard of the year 1925 is based again on the Ghazni type; the Bell Murrey disappeared gradually from the breeders.

This greyhound is confident, mistrustful with strangers and apparently tranquil; it only shows in action all the force of its character. It needs a lot of exercise. Its long and silky hair needs special care and must be combed and groomed every day.

Size: 62-73.5 cm; ideally 69-71 cm for the male and 65-67 for the female. Weight: 25-30 kg. All the colors are authorized; the most common is the yellowish grey-brown (1) with a dark mask, grayish red and red and tan (2). The hair is long, silky and fine on the sides, the chest, and the rear part of the legs; short and dense on the back, the shoulders and the beginning of the tail. The ears and the limbs are covered of a long and abundant hair. For practical reasons, the bangs of the metatarsus should be trimmed.

The posture and way of walking of an Afghan greyhound are very characteristic. It takes the head up high, its movements are soft and elastic and its hair accentuates them. The dog must give an impression of power and nobleness, vitality and force.

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