American Bulldog

The American bulldog is a heavy dog with lightweight feet. It is known to be a powerfully sized dog and at first sight it looks like a big bulldog, not a terrier. Its head sort of looks like a box and the skull is big and square. Its eyes are round and separated. The ears have a rose shape and flap over. The body of this dog is robust and strong and its chest is deep while its torso is relatively short. The neck if pretty short and the shoulders are wide and muscular. The hind legs are moderately angled, and the front legs are straight and muscular. The tail must be long enough to reach its ankles and is moderately thick, not straight or cut though. The coat on this dog is short, hard and shiny. The ideal height of the American bulldog is around sixty-three centimeters and it weighs around sixty kilograms. A female's height is around forty-three to sixty six centimeters and their weight is around twelve kilograms less than the males.

Ideal owner:
Strong and brave the American bulldog has become a very popular guard dog. It is very alert and has a good personality; it likes children and is very protective. It requires a firm owner and needs a lot of attention because at first it can be a little stubborn. Its biggest concern in life is to please its owner. The American bulldog as an adult is a happy, sensible and fun loving dog.

At seven weeks, the males weigh around six kilograms and the females weigh a little less. The differences of size are partly due to the differences between the lines of individual breeds. Try not to get one that is too big. This dog is naturally a big boned dog. If its body is too big it can cause hip dysphasia and malformation in its articulations, stomach problems etc. the American bulldog matures slowly, especially physically. It reaches its full height at around the age of one year and its chest will continue widening during the next six months. At adolescence it may try to dominate its owner so it is necessary to train it correctly. Dominance is something that must be controlled from the moment it is a puppy.

General health:
Due to its rareness there isn't a lot of clinical information about the American bulldog. However the future owner will need to keep in check that it does not have problems with hip dysphasia, malformed articulations or bone malformations, excessive inferior prognathism, narrow hind as well as other things that affect this breed. Make sure to have your veterinarian check for deafness. A lot of exercise is necessary but aggressiveness should not be praised.

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