Bichon Frise

This cute looking fur ball dog is very balanced and healthy within the canine world. The Bichon Frise is a smaller dog, all white, with a furry tail that it carries itself around cheerfully which obviously goes along just fine with its blissful character. The Bichon Frise has dark eyes but a very soft expression to them and they make a very interesting contrast on their white coat which is, by the way, as white as snow. This white angel like dog has black "rings" around its eyes, which is from pigmented skin giving it an even more endearing look. Its ears are kind of droopy and are medium sized and are covered in long hair. The skull is slightly rounded, its face looks kind of chiseled under its eyes but not so much so that it looks like it has a hole or is pointy. The nose of this dog is prominent and is always black. The Bichon Frise has a long neck that is arched; the superior line is straight except in the lumbar region, which is slightly arched. Its chest is full enough to allow its front legs to move around easily. Its sternum is well pronounced and sticks out slightly; the inferior line is slightly retracted. It carries its tail partly upwards and cutely curved and is covered in hair. The texture of the inner coat is more wired and curly than the outer coat, which has a softer thick texture. You will be able to notice how its hair is kind of silky and fine to the touch as well. The Bichon Frise is always white although there are some others that come in different colors such as crème or apricot color. The height of this dog is between twenty three to twenty nine centimeters.

Ideal owner:
If you are looking for a dog that fits in well with your family and with children the Bichon Frise is definitely a good choice. Its not a complicated dog and it gives itself wholeheartedly to its owners. Because of its extraordinary coat, it's a great candidate to use as a show dog. The Bichon Frise also stands out because of its great behavior and obedience, which is a great plus. Its known to be a very sweet dog and adapts really well in any type of life style. They aren't too keen about hotter weather conditions so its best to keep it inside the house most of the time.

A Bichon Frise usually weighs around 115 grams at birth. At around eight weeks of age it usually weighs around two to three kilograms. When it is a puppy its coat is darker however it lightens, as it gets older. At adolescence its nose is pinkish but it turns black at around three months of age. Its eyes should be brown or black and its eyebrows should be well pigmented. They reach their full physical maturity at the age of one year and a half, however mentally they take a bit longer to mature completely; this usually occurs at around the age of three or four years, this means that they have a longer childhood then most dogs. Dog breeders have said that when they reach their adolescence they do not have a tendency to have behavior problems like other breeds. They usually eat with no problems and have very good characters. Although they have a lot of hair, the shedding stage does not present a lot of complications or problems as is common in other breeds as well. The coat of an adult Bichon Frise is full but simple and its second coat gowns in completely as it matures. One of the problems that these dogs may have sometimes is with their teeth because they it takes awhile for their permanent teeth to come in. the owner will need to make sure to keep this last aspect in check and to feed it good quality food so as to help their teeth grow in correctly.

General health:
The Bichon Frise is a very healthy and lively dog and is also very resistant to diseases and relatively free of hereditary problems. Due to its small size it requires little exercise although this does not mean that it does not need exercise; the owner of this dog must make sure to take it out on walks and allow it to play and get its exercise everyday. This dog is known to be extremely willing to please and is very obedient which makes it a great candidate to use as a show dog and it does not seem to have many problems socializing and the owner of this dog should take advantage of this aspect. The ideal is to get its coat trimmed by a professional dog barber since in some countries the way its coat is cut is very demanding. It will be necessary for the owner to make sure to brush its hair to avoid problems with knotting and skin problems. Some of the problems that have been observed in this breed are dislocation of the kneecaps and epilepsy. Kidney stones have also been observed and are more common in females. Probably the most important aspects to keep in check if you own one of these dogs are their eyes, teeth and coat. You will need to make sure to control the amount of tearing it has in its eyes which can stain the hair around its eyes. One of the problems that have been observed in its teeth is pyorrhea therefore dental treatment may be necessary. Besides this, the Bichon Frise is a very healthy dog and it has a long life span; it can live on average up to seventeen years of age.

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