Bordeaux Mastiff Breed Origins and Caracteristics

This breed is a very old French selection related to the mastiff which origin must be found among the Roman molossus. The Bordeaux Mastiff is a fighter and intrepid. It was raised in the South of France to fight against wild animals, bears and especially wolves. From there it extended to Spain and America with the conquerors where it reached a reputation of a ferocious beast because it fought against the Indians. But through a systematic selection of the breed, the Bordeaux mastiff has acquired excellent qualities and its violence and aggressiveness has been reduced. It is a magnificent guardian that loves children but it is very bellicose compared to other dogs. It is very difficult for this dog a change of master.

In Portugal, in the province of Alentejo we find a dog related to the mastiff. It is a Rafeiro of Alentejo, an aggressive and very confident sheepdog.

In China, the breed Shar Pei has been raised since more than 2000 years which is recorded in the Guinea Book of records in 1978 as the weirdest dog in the world. This breed is also related to the mastiff. In China, the Shar Pei is used to guard and protect the herds against the wild beasts. Its skin is very characteristic because of its softness with a lot of folds and it can be covered by two types of hair. The first layer is called "horsehair" (short hair), it is very short and hard, the second is approximately 2.5 cm long, it is "groomer hair" (long hair) that makes a 90┬║ angle with the body. The dogs are born with a small natural tail, or with a long or medium-sized tail. In both cases, the tail is rolled on the back.

Bordeaux Mastiff (1). Size: 58-60 cm. Weight: male at least 45 kg, female 40 kg minimum. Colors: all the tonalities of red more or less yellowish. The animals with a black mask are preferred.

Shar Pei (2). Size: 45-50 cm. Weight: 18-25 kg. Colors: beige, cream or black. It has a peculiar skin with numerous folds that needs special care; it should be rubbed regularly with wet sponge. The cranium of dogs from China is narrower than the ones that come from Hong Kong.

Rafeiro of Alentejo (3). Size: male 66-73.5 cm; female 63.5-69 cm. The weight is not indicated in the standards. Colors: black, wolf gray, yellow or yellow with white patches on the head, the neck, the limbs and the tail or white with patches on the aforementioned places.

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