Border Collie

Border collies are naturally very resistant and athletic canines. Their bodies are graceful and well balanced. The head of this dog is pretty wide and their cheeks are pretty full looking. The nose of this dog is pointy at the end, they have oval shaped eyes that are separate, and their ears are somewhat erect. The neck of the Border collie is somewhat arched and long, very strong and muscular. The body slightly lengthier than its height and the rump is slightly wide, descending to the insertion of the tail. Its thighs are long and its hocks are well angled and low. Its tail is moderately long and reaches the hocks; when the dog is excited it will lift its tail up but never over its back. Border collies have two types of coats; the most common is moderately long with hair on the neck, thighs and tail and the other type has shorter hair. They come in different colors. The average height of this dog is around fifty-three centimeters and a little less than this in females.

Ideal owner:
Border collies are work dogs and they have a lot of energy and are very intelligent. If you live in a farm and have cattle, it will be very happy, otherwise you will have to figure out a way to keep this dog content, as it needs big spaces. This dog stands out due to its agility and obedience. Border collies are very quick learners and are obedient by nature as they were bred to follow the indications of shepherds. This dog is considered one of the most intelligent dogs.

The Border collie usually weighs around 500 grams at birth, which is pretty big for a dog that only weighs around fifteen to twenty two kilograms as an adult. It has very few growth and development problems. It is absolutely necessary to train this dog and allow it to get plenty of exercise. Training can be done at a young age. Generally it reaches its physical maturity at the age of one or a little longer, however it will take around one or two years for this dog to become a perfect work dog.

General health:
The Border collie is considered to be a very robust and healthy dog and does not have a lot of hereditary and congenital problems. Besides this, it easily adapts to the environment it lives in making it very resistant to diseases. There have been cases of problems with hip dysphasia as well as epilepsy although this is rare. Males are more prone to suffering a cartilage abnormality that occurs during their growth stage between four and eight months of age. It is important to give them the right type of nourishment and not to exceed on the amount of supplements given, the ideal is to get your veterinarian to tell you exactly how to feed it. There are also cases of allergies, respiratory problems, and deafness. The coat of the Border collie must be brushed frequently, and they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulus. The life span of this dog is anywhere from ten to fourteen years, however some have lived to the age of eighteen.

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