Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel or the Epagneul Breton is a hunting dog that has a strong compact body. It has long legs that allow it to run long distances and it has a robust look and is very vigorous and vivacious. This dog is square and depending on the laws of the country you live, the tail is docked at birth. The male's height is around forty-eight to fifty centimeters and females around forty-seven to forty nine centimeters. Their ideal weight is between fifteen and twenty kilograms. If you are looking into getting one, make sure the dog looks proportionate and isn't too long looking, overweight or seems weak in the bones. The head of this dog should be medium length and round; slightly triangular with a defined stop but it shouldn't look not long. The eyes of this dog are very expressive and are dark. The ears are highly inserted, hang down, are covered in hair and the tips of the ears are slightly rounded. The neck is medium sized and the superior line slightly descends; the chest is long, the torso is short and straight, the sides of the dog are rounded and give it a full look. The shoulders should be inclined and not too separate, not straight though. The front legs should look perpendicular and the limbs slightly inclined but not straight. The hind legs are well angled and the thighs are strong looking. This dog's coat should be thick, and is straight or wavy but not curly. The texture of the coat is pretty fine but it shouldn't feel silky. The colors of this dog are brown and white, liver color and white, black and white, or reddish black. The nose is black or synchronized with the color of the dog's coat. There are also spotted ones.

Ideal owner:
Spaniels are in general some of the happiest dogs and the Brittany Spaniel is probably one of the liveliest ones. The Brittany Spaniel is one of the most gifted hunting breeds too and at the same time it's an obedient family dog. As a hunter it is very vigorous and does not tire easily as well as very versatile in many other aspects; it is a true lover of the outside and needs an owner that will take his or her time to take it out every day. This breed likes children and love running outside and playing with them. The Brittany Spaniel is also more independent than most for which it needs to be well trained.

Brittany Spaniels reach full maturity around two years of age. During adolescence this dog is very active and requires a lot of exercise. Puppies that are born with long tails are often times docked, however you will need to find out about the rules in your country to see if this procedure is allowed. The spurs on the hind legs are usually cut if the dog has them. Female Brittany Spaniels normally go into their first heat around the age of nine to twelve months. When picking out a puppy, make sure to choose one that is well balanced and has a compact body and make sure its legs are long.

General health:
The great thing about the Brittany Spaniel is that it is a very smart and intelligent dog and the care it needs as far as its health is concerned are very minimal. It is necessary to brush its coat regularly though and every once in awhile it will need to get some of the hair on its coat cut if it is too long. Since this dog has long ears it will need to get its ears cleaned regularly to avoid infections. Even though this breed is pretty much free of disease there are documented cases of hip dysphasia and hereditary abnormalities. It will be necessary to have X rays done on the dog to make sure it is in good health. There have also been cases of hypothyroidism, and hemophilia A. Besides this; the natural body structure of the Brittany Spaniel does not give it any major problems. The life span of this dog is around twelve or thirteen years.

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