The bulldog is a medium sized dog that has a low body, is chubby and has an incredibly massive and flat head that it proudly carries around. An adult bulldog weighs around twenty-five kilograms and the female around twenty-seven kilograms. The nose of this dog is extremely flat, wide and snubbed. Its jaws are massive and the nose must be black. The eyes are round and are situated on the front part of the head and they are dark but not sunken not do should they stick out. The eyebrows should not look droopy. Its ears are high up on its head and separated, creased on the posterior lower part and the tip of the ears should be pointed and curved over the top of its head (you should be able to see the ear canal of the dog). The bulldog's neck is short, very thick and arched. The superior line should descend slightly behind the wichers, and elevate towards the lumbar area and curve towards the tail forming an arch. The chest of this dog is very wide, deep and full; the stomach should be retracted; its tail is either straight or in a screw shape, but not curled. The front legs are short very robust and straight and should show a curved exterior line (however the bone must not be curved). Its elbows are low and separate from the body. The hind legs are longer than the front legs and this makes the loin of the dog stand higher than the shoulders. The coat of this dog is short and smooth, finely textured; the face and head seem to be covered in thick wrinkles and it has dewlap. The skin of the body is soft and loose.

Ideal owner:
Bulldogs snore and grunt a lot and it is a very popular family dog. It has a very peaceful soul, has a good character and its sad eyes are full of love for its owners. Bulldogs really enjoy playing with children and they enjoy showing their soft sides to the whole family. It will be necessary to train it softly but firmly, reprimanding it too harshly will break its heart. It is a great companion dog for older people as well.

At around eight weeks of age a bulldog should weigh around three and a half to four kilograms. How quickly it grows varies but generally it reaches its full height at around ten months of age and it reaches its full physical maturity between eighteen months and three years of age. If you are looking into getting one make sure to get a healthy one. Make sure the puppy isn't too fat or heavy looking and that it breathes correctly. Its eyes need to look clean and its eyebrows must be well adjusted to its face. If its tail is loose and straight it is perfectly acceptable as a companion dog and will not present any problems because of it. It is in general a good eater and loves getting involved in family activities. Be careful with not overfeeding it as it has a tendency to become overweight.

General health:
Unfortunately bulldogs do suffer from a lot of hereditary and congenital abnormalities. Amongst the most common is the split lip. Hip dysphasia can be a problem and limping can also occur due to a problem with its front legs. Make the puppy's shoulders aren't loose when acquiring one and find out the history of the parents. Dermatitis, stenosis of the nasal cavity (which causes obstruction), and ectropion has also been seen in these dogs. Pyodermia has also been observed but it can be treated with antibiotics. Kidney stones can also occur but it is not common. The life span of these dogs is between eight to ten years.

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