An adult Bullmastiff weighs anywhere from fifty to sixty kilograms and females weigh around forty-one to fifty kilograms. The height of a male is around sixty-three to sixty nine centimeters and the female is around sixty to sixty six centimeters. The Bullmastiff is a very powerfully built and big dog. It has a large wide head with some wrinkles and has a sagacious expression. Its forehead is strong and its nose is wide and deep. It has a moderate stop and a flat skull. Its neck is thick, almost the same diameter as the head. The superior line must be straight, its chest is big and deep. It has a short back. The tail is carried high and is straight or curved. The coat is short and thick, and comes in a variety of colors such as reddish, tigered, and sometimes has a white spot on the chest.

Ideal owner:
This dog was bred to be a guard dog and you have but only to see one to know that intruders will know they are not welcome if they face one. Bullmastiffs love their family and despite their big size they enjoy being inside the house. It will defend its family to death, including the cat of the house. It is brave but at the same time docile and a well trained one is lively and agile and it enjoys being around its family. Most Bullmastiffs are very dominating with other unknown dogs and are not very sociable with strangers if they are not introduced to them by someone they know.

The weight at birth of the Bullmastiff varies from 170 to 680 grams. At seven weeks a puppy weighs between 6.5 and 7 kilograms and at sixteen weeks of age it weighs around 22 and 25 kilograms. Avoid getting one that is too big because it can cause bone and articulation problems. This breed is already pretty big as it is so more than that is absurd. Make sure it looks solid and well balanced. Check to make sure its tail isn't cut or curled. A Bullmastiff puppy should be pleasing and content around humans. It is pretty normal for them to be mistrustful of strangers and this is a good trait. With the appropriate training a Bullmastiff can become an excellent guard dog. The nutrition of this dog is another very important factor and its best to consult this with the breeder or your veterinarian. Calcium supplements are not suggested.

General health:
Cancer and stomach problems can affect this breed more than any other. Although neither of these two can be completely prevented, the arising of these problems can be limited by providing the dog with a healthy life style. Hip dysphasia is a big concern for dog breeders and X rays are absolutely necessary. These dogs can also suffer skin problems such as eczemas dermatitis, Pyodermia on the nose and alopecia, as well as glaucoma and progressive retina atrophy. Cervical malformation can come about in different degrees ranging from slight limping to partial paralysis. Tumors and kidney stones usually affect older dogs. Bullmastiffs generally have a life span of ten years.

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