Dog Potty Training

Watch the dog when he is outside. Once he has done his business, congratulate him and show him that you are satisfied. After a week, you can see the first results and after three weeks the dog will start indicating when he wants to go out. Try to take the dog out at set times.

In many cases a puppy learns to obey quickly. Congratulate him if the dog runs fast when you call him even when you have called him before and you are mad because he was disobedient. The dog must come to his master and what he will expect are congratulations not punishment. If he does not obey, tie him to a long leash. During the day, call him several times, pulling from the leash softly. Avoid shaking him abruptly which would make him go wild. Always when possible, congratulate him when he is kind. Later, let him free and try to call him putting you at a distance. This method works generally if you are crouching because the dog knows that this position is expressly for him.

To teach the dog to walk with the leash, let him free next to the left leg. Prevent any attempt to run or pull from the leash with a strong hold or reprimand him curtly. You will see how soon he will learn to walk with the leash.

In this book we will talk about the more complex training procedures that apply to hunting or guard dogs. With regards to this subject, there are numerous specialized manuals and you can also go to an association or professionals that will give you secrets about training dogs.

If you wish to have a good relationship with your dog, you should understand him. In a pack, each animal respects a determined hierarchy that is shown through signs and signals. Watch your dog attentively,: his attitude and the position of the different parts of the body indicate his mood. Thus, for example, the position of the ears is different if the dog rubs against his master, sees or feels something suspicious or attacks. If he shows the canines and frowns the muzzle, there is a threat of attack; if he does not frown its muzzle but curls back the commissure of the mouth, it is a sign of being afraid or lack of safety. No doubt you must have seen that you can find out many things about the dog just by the position of the body and the movement of the tail. Everyone knows when a dog moves the tail or put the tails between the legs. The communication and submission behaviors rule a great deal of the social relations in the heart of the pack. The most ferocious fight can end when one of the dogs adopts a submissive attitude. The peers do not fight against each other to kill themselves. It is enough for the defeater that his superiority is acknowledged. In nature, there are very few exceptions to the rule.

The wild dogs mark the territory where they live. The smelly marks inform other wild dogs and the other members of the pack about the limits of the territory that must be respected. The wild dogs define the territory generally with their urine. The domestic dogs also mark the objects that call their attention or that are significant in their environment and they smell them carefully to determine who has been there.

Naturally, the dominant males in the pack are the ones that mark the territory. The higher the smelly mark is on an object, the more value it has. That is why the dogs strive to project their urine the highest possible. The quantity of urine that they expel is minimum, which allows them to mark the number of possible objects.

Besides the optical and smelly signals, the dog uses also the acoustic signals. But their meaning is much less weak. The whining and howling are above all used by puppies to manifest their discomfort or pleasure. The mother knows well what puppies want to say with their screaming. The howling and barking allow dogs to establish contact at a great distance.

Watching your partner carefully, you will be able to learn many things and learn their language. Pay attention to the communication between the female dog and the puppies, how she teaches them to obey. You will watch, among many things that the greatest of the punishments is to pick up the puppy from the skin of the neck and shake him. Try it with your puppy (if he deserves such a punishment) and you will see how efficient it is.

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