Dogs Throughout History

In ancient Egypt, dogs played an important role in the official acts and ceremonies of the court, and in the religious rituals. If we observe the context of the relationship between humans and dogs, we can come to the conclusion that dogs have always been faithful friends and collaborators of their masters. For example we have the passage of when Ulises returned home after 20 years of being away and was only recognized by his dog Argos, who wagged his tail euphorically upon seeing him. More recently, we have the case of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest geniuses of Universal music. When he died in Salzburg, he was buried miserably without anyone attending the ceremony, not even one of its human friends; the funeral was only attended by Wolfgangs dog, on a sad rainy day.

Currently, breeds like the German shepherd, the collie, the Labrador, the boxer, the St. Bernard and many others, have been conveniently prepared to help man in a series of services which demand a lot of courage and aptitude. The St. Bernard, with its affable character and its extraordinary ability to rescue people who are lost in the snow, has saved the lives of countless travelers for many years.

Around the year 1890, samples of the German shepherd, started to appear. These specimens had defined characteristics. The contribution to the improvement of the possibilities of the practical use of such dogs in the relationship between humans and dogs, seems to have reached its maximum point: the German shepherd is used as a police dog, anti-drugs dog,, specialist in tracking down delinquents, old people and lost children, etc.

Latest breed to have been prepared to help man is the Eurasier. According to many predictions, these dogs will be able to do a series of tasks that had up till recently been considered impossible for dogs to do.

Needless to say, the role of dogs in our lives is very important. However, we must remember that they are animals and that they have individual needs and habits; therefore, we must not impose on them something which they are not ready to do.

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