Dogs With Rabies

Rabies does not appear spontaneously, it is transmitted by means of contagion. Therefore, in order to get sick, a healthy dog has to get bitten by a sick dog. A dog with rabies suddenly start acting differently, shifts from being agitated to being depressed, hides form the light and prefers dark secluded places, and becomes irritable. He also sometimes becomes hoarse. His salivation increases and has difficulties eating and drinking due to the formation of an edema in the glottis (The vocal apparatus of the larynx; the true vocal folds and the space between them where the voice tone is generated).

In the second phase of the disease, the animal becomes irritable and starts biting things, animals and people, until paralysis takes over and he dies in a few days. If you suspect a dog suffers from hydrophobia, you must, sad to say, sacrifice him, just as long as he hasn't bitten anyone. If he has bitten someone, the dog must be observed at the local municipal dog center in order to establish if he does really have rabies and, consequently, start with the long treatment in order to save the person who has received the bite.

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