English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is known to be a very sweet dog, is very good-looking and belongs to the Spaniel family. This dog is medium sized, has medium sized dark eyes, which are almond shaped, but they should not stick out nor look wet. Its ears are long and hang and the coat is medium length and shiny. The body is long and its legs are strong. It has a proud and free look. The great thing about this dog is that it isn't exaggerated in any way, it is well balanced and its bones are strong. The back is straight and short and the thighs must be well developed. The superior line should not be longer than its height. The height of a male is around fifty centimeters and around forty-eight centimeters for the female. The ideal weight is from twenty four to twenty seven kilograms. The head of this dog is very beautiful and refined and must look very well balanced. An adult English Springer Spaniel should not look too tall, nor should it have a short neck or heavy and oval shaped head. The coat of this dog is straight or wavy over its body and should have a medium length. It has an abundant amount of hair on its ears, chest, tail and abdomen. The colors of these dogs are black, liver colored, bluish with white spots.

Ideal owner:
The English Springer Spaniel is a very docile, sweet, and excellent family that is easy to take care of. This dog is not demanding, aggressive or shy. This is a dog that needs to be treated as one in the family and not be subject to a crate. This dog is kind, pleasing and is a very quick learner as well as anxious to learn. The ones that are not well bred tend to be very shy, and some are grumpy and bite, so be careful with this when picking one out. When choosing make sure it has a good temperament and is not shy.

English Springer's weigh around 280 to 425 grams when they are born. The pigmentation and color of their coat is not yet complete at birth and is not usually defined until around a year of age. This dog continues to grow and develop until the age of two. The tail is usually docked and the spurs are removed. At eight weeks this puppy should weigh around four or five kilograms. Make sure to pick one that is adaptable, active and that responds to human commands. Aggressiveness and dominance is not a common thing in this breed but it can be a problem if they are not handled correctly when it is a puppy. This dog has a tendency to eat a lot and is prone to becoming obese during its growing stage so the owner will need to control this and makes sure to feed it an adequate diet and to feed it high quality food. It will be necessary to brush and groom its hair every day during the time it is changing its puppy hair, and professional grooming should be done every six weeks.

General health:
Springer Spaniels generally have a life span of about ten years or more. Besides the problems it has at old age, it is prone to becoming obese. The owner must keep the dog on a regular exercise program throughout its life and make sure to feed it correctly. Another thing that must be checked are the dogs ears and eyes. The ocular problems these dogs can have are loosening of the retina, ectropion, entropion, and glaucoma therefore getting it a check up is absolutely necessary and required. The ear problems it sometimes has are a lot less complicated and these usually include external otitis or bacterial infections that can usually always be avoided by keeping the dog's ears clean. There is a skin condition that sometimes affects these dogs called Ehlers Danlos, which is a serious ulceration on the skin and it usually starts by a simple lesion on the skin. Veterinarians have also informed about cases of disease to the red blood cells, and cardiomyopathy. In general though the English springer Spaniel is a very healthy and vigorous dog that enjoys and needs a lot of exercise and training.

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