Fever And Dry Nose

You have probably noticed that many times your dog's nose is cold and humid when he is in good health conditions, yet dry and hot when he is sick. However, you must no t believe this rule blindly. The nose can be dry when the animal is in a hot room or environment, and still be healthy.

The best indicator to know if your dog is sick is his temperature, which normally is between 38.2 C and 38.8 C; in puppies it is a little bit higher. The temperature is measured with a common mercury thermometer which is carefully introduced in the rectum, meanwhile someone helps you maintain the dog still. You can make this operation easier by greasing the thermometer in Vaseline. The thermometer should remain inside the rectum for at least 2 minutes. If the thermometer is above 39.5 C there is no doubt the dog is ill.

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