Finding the right dog

The objective of this site is to help people that are looking into getting a dog that will adapt to their type of life, objective and personality. We hope that the one you choose in the end will be yours for life.

Thankfully there are dog lovers all around the world that understand the importance of giving their dogs a dignified life style. And fortunately there are many protective societies that have been created. These organizations dedicate their time to finding lost and abandoned dogs and look for an adequate home for them. Unfortunately a lot of people buy dogs to follow a trend and these fads can be harmful for dogs. People need to know that a dog isn't just a passer by, a dog is by nature a loving and reliable friend and they need to have a sentimental bond with their owner or owners.

There are many stories that animal protection associations have told about and that are very sad. Dogs as we know are very sociable creatures – dogs are descendants of packs and cannot just be expected to live as a lone dog. Socialization is the key to having a good companion dog. Only reputable and serious breeders have the ability to train a dog to become sociable adequately.

Socialization means giving the puppy real life experiences, by letting it hear the sounds of the outside world, letting it feel human touch and allowing it to lick people's faces etc. Dogs that are well trained aren't going to necessarily be show dogs but they certainly will be trustworthy, reliable, sociable, and have a balanced character making it easy for them to be around humans.

It's not that easy to be a dog – a good dog that is -, since it requires a lot of training. Dog breeders that are interested in looking for show dogs know that no matter what the breed of the dog or how morphologically perfect the dog is, if it doesn't have a balanced character and or has genetic or health problems it just won't cut it. A dog breeder breeds dogs firstly and the idea of show dogs should come in second place. Around 80 percent of the dogs that a breeder raises turn into companion dogs. All dogs should be functional, be capable of running, playing, have excellent health and stay that way to live at least five or six years. Obviously this last point varies since different breeds have different life spans. Some dogs live to the age of ten and others much more.

If you are thinking of getting a dog find out how long its grandparents have lived, and if possible find out how long its great grandparents lived because this can give you somewhat of an idea of how long your new companion will live. Remember that the connection between a dog and a human will turn into a very strong bond and the idea is to have your best friend around for as long as possible.

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