German Shepherd

German shepherds are very agile and balanced dogs. Their body is somewhat longer than their actual height and their body has long and fluid lines on it. The image of this dog shows its power, muscular body, and substance, it should not look skinny or clumsy. The average height of a male German shepherd is around sixty to sixty-six centimeters from the wichers; the females are around five centimeters less. The head of this dog shows all of its nobility and the quality of this breed, its head should be cleanly chiseled, not rough or refined. The ears are moderately pointed and well proportioned with the head; they are always carried upwards (never docked or fallen). The neck is relatively long, strong looking and clean, there shouldn't be any dewlap on it. The wichers is higher than its back and descends towards its back, which is relatively short and which should look straight, not sunken inwards. The chest on this dog should be deep and descend evenly into the front legs; the ribs should look large and long, and should not look like a barrel or too flat. The tail should look slightly curved like that of a sable and should reach down to the hocks. This dog's thighs should be wide and form an almost straight angle; the hind limb should be short. German shepherds are double coated and their hair is straight, rough and well adhered to their bodies, it can also be slightly wavy. The neck and the legs have hair that is a little longer than in the rest of the body. The coat of this dog should not feel soft, silky, too long, curly, or split open. It should have rich colors on its coat such as black and fire color, or black and grey etc.

Ideal owner:
German shepherds are the number one choice for companion and protection dogs because of a lot of good reasons. This dog is not only attractive looking, but also intelligent, obedient, affectionate and has a very balanced character. A German shepherd that is well trained and socialized can be an absolute delight to its owner. This dog is not aggressive nor is it afraid of getting close to people. This can be considered the perfect family dog that is gentle, adaptable and happy, that besides all this also protects its family and territory.

The weight of a puppy German shepherd might vary considerably, they might weigh anywhere from three to nine kilograms, although on average its around six to seven kilograms. Anyone interested in getting a German shepherd must make sure to pick out one that is extroverted and kind. This dog's body grows very rapidly but its muscular growth is often times a lot slower. Because of this factor, often times this dog will look kind of tall or long on its legs specifically. These dog mature differently too; there are some that reach full maturity at the age of sixteen months whereas there are others that might take up to three years to mature completely. Female German shepherds generally reach full maturity at the age of two years. Sexual maturity is generally reached between the ages of eight to ten months. This dogs ears should stick upwards at ten to twelve weeks of age, however they might take a little longer in some occasions. During their teething stage its possible the ears will bend a bit. The fire colored areas of the coat will become more evident and intense until the dog is around eighteen months to two years of age.

General health:
The very famous German shepherd has become one the most popular dogs worldwide. Unfortunately this has lead for the breed to have a lot of diseases and defects as a lot of inexperienced dog breeders have attempted to breed them. It is very important to pick out a puppy with a lot of patience and caution. One of the biggest worries for the owners of these dogs is behavior related, which is why it is necessary to learn about the behavior of the parents if possible. Hip and elbow dysphasia has been documented in this breed as well as other bone problems, ocular problems, urinary and intestinal problems, hemophilia A, Von Willebrand disease, cardiac problems, epilepsy and stomach problems. A well-bred German shepherd has a life span of around twelve years of age. This dog sheds a lot but all it needs is regular brushing.

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