Great Munsterlander

This dog is a strong hunting dog that stands out because of the white and black color of its coat. This dog is well proportioned that walks swiftly and looks like a pro. The head of this dog is pretty wide and slightly rounded. Its eyes are medium sized and dark, the darker the better. The ears are wide and are inserted highly, hang and are well adhered to its head. The neck is strong and muscular and slightly arched. Its chest should be well inclined back and its back should be short, compact and slightly upwards or in a horizontal line. The coat of this dog is long, thick and has fringes on its legs and tail. The height of a male is sixty centimeters and females should be a couple centimeters under that. Its weight is anywhere from twenty seven to thirty two kilograms and females weigh around thirty kilograms. Its preferable if the head is completely black and its body is spotted with roan or black.

Ideal owner:
Despite its name, the Great Munsterlander is a medium sized dog and adapts very well to family life. It's also very affectionate and loyal. This dog is a versatile hunter and a great athlete; it's also very smart and learns very quickly. It is important the owner take it out on long walks every day. The owner will also need to dedicate time to it and show it lots of affection. With the right type of training this dog can be easily controlled and can be trained to be a good guard dog.

Great Munsterlanders weigh around six to seven and a half kilograms at eight weeks of age. Since this isn't a very well known dog, it will be very important for anyone interested in acquiring one, to find out information about this breed before choosing. Despite its grand name, the Great Munsterlander is not actually that big, and the person interested in buying one should actually avoid getting ones that are too big. Look for a healthy puppy that is well balanced both physically and emotionally. If possible choose one that has a completely black head and dark eyes, as lighter eyes have a tendency to not darken correctly. As this dog ages, and the color of its coat begins to darken, spots will begin to show over the white part of its body, even on areas of its body that were white. At adolescence these dogs are full of energy and must get a lot of physical and mental exercise. Normally it is suggested to feed them two meals a day.

General health:
Breeders have informed that there are very few health problems in this breed, this obviously has to do with the fact that they aren't all that well known and have pretty much stayed within the hands of good breeders who know what they are doing. Hereditary cataracts are something that might occur but it is very rare within this breed. Make sure though before acquiring one that the breeder has gotten the dog an eye check up. Hip dysphasia is something very limited within this breed, but there have been some cases in this breed.

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