The Greyhounds arrived to the British islands a long time ago, presumably with the Celts, a little before the 4th century B.C. They were much appreciated but few people had the right to own one. There is still a proclamation of the Canute the Great, king of England of 1017 to 1035 that reserves them for the nobles and the great landowners. The Greyhound, short-haired English greyhound was used especially to hunt hares, but also to hunt deer and wolves. With the creation of dog races in 1561, the Greyhound had a great splendor. No doubt it is the fastest dog and it can exceed 60km/h. As all the greyhounds, it is oriented especially with the sight. But thanks to the breeds that have participated to its creation, it has a greater sense of smell than other greyhounds and it can follow the trail of a hare that can not longer see.

The Greyhound has influenced enormously most of the European greyhound breeds. In the 9th century, the Magyars took the greyhounds to Hungary, which in the 12th century they crossed with the Greyhounds in order to increase the speed and improve the original type. Thus, the Magyar Agar was born and it was recognized by the FCI in 1964. The greyhounds arrived to Spain with the muslins and from them the Spanish greyhound was born as a result of the cross with the Greyhound. It is the only greyhound breed that comes from the western part of the Mediterranean basin.

Greyhound (1). Size: male 67-76 cm, (preferable 71-76 cm); female 65-71 cm (preferable 68-71 cm). Weight: 20-25 kg. All the colors are accepted, the most common are the black, white, red, blue, yellowish grey-brown ones, yellow, straw-colored or each one of these colors in combination with white.

Magyar Agar (2). Size: 55-62 cm. Weight: 22-31 kg. Colors: black, yellow, red, gray, straw-colored and speckled white and very rarely pure white.

Spanish greyhound (3). Size: 60-65 cm, Weight: 20-30 kg. Colors: cinnamon, chestnut, red, black, sandy with white or a combination of the two colors.

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