How And When To Bathe The Dog

Depending on the breed, there are many dogs that ought to have frequent baths and others that don't need to that much. Let's look at the different cases so as not to make any mistakes.

A puppy must never be completely bathed – that is immersed in water (be it hot or warm). Your dog should be at least a year old for you to be able to bathe him completely – as long as it is a breed that can be bathed. Now, don't take me wrong, this doesn't mean that your puppy is going to run around dirty all the time; There are certain products which you can use to "dry" clean them. Also, remember that in their natural environment, their mother wouldn't bathe them in water; all she would do is lick and cleanse them all over.

Certain breeds, like the Collie, shouldn't be bathed at all, not even after a year. The Afghan should receive a weekly bath and the poodle only once a month.

Nevertheless, on occasions, the puppy (or dog) might escape out into the rain and get soaking wet. In such a case, you must bear in mind that the animal has obeyed a natural instinct and gone outside, and, therefore, will most likely not get sick. All you need to do is dry the animal with an electric blow drier. Make sure that no part of the body remains humid and, during a hot summer day, you can take the dog out to dry in the sun in a natural way, taking advantage to comb the dog's hair.

Don't forget to put cotton balls in the ears so that the water won't enter and maybe cause a bothersome disease.

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