Iberian Hound

This dog looks somewhat like a deer and it has the jumping ability and the ears of a hare, which just so happens to be its prey of entertainment. Besides all these things this dog also has a very keen sense of smell as a tracing dog, although it has been catalogued as a sight hunting dogs. This elegant looking dog is very tall; on its four legs its height is around fifty nine to seventy centimeters to the wichers in the case of the males and females are around fifty-seven to sixty six centimeters. The weight of the males is around twenty-five kilograms and the females around two and a half kilograms less. Its ears have a very shaped form and a pale tawny color that gives it its unique look. The head is long and narrow, in the shape of a wedge, truncated near the base. The big ears should be pointy not fallen or bent and the dog should be able to move them easily. The neck is long and thin; the back straight; the chest is long and the hindquarters of the dog should descend only slightly. The tail is lowly inserted and should reach down to the hocks; it should curl slightly at the end. The front legs of the dog should be moderately angled, and the shoulders should not be loose but sort of stretchy and well inclined back. The front legs should be straight and under the body; the hocks should be straight. This dog can have be either smooth coated or have a wiry coat. The color of this dog should be either white and red, or one color such as white, red, or golden brown. The golden brown one might be a yellowish color or a dark golden brown.

Ideal owner:
This dog is very elegant, intelligent, has a very calm temperament and is an excellent companion. It needs to get a lot of exercise to stretch out those long legs and for it to be happy. It can be very independent and does not like being handled too much. As with other sight hunting dogs, it has an instinct to hunt and will run at a cat it sees on the street, therefore it will be necessary to take it out on a leash. It is obedient but it needs to be trained from a young age since it is a dog with very fixed ideas and has a strong will. It is a pleasure to have inside a house, and one advantage is that it does not have that typical dog odor.

This dogs weight is approximately 400 grams at birth. Those that are born with a golden brown colored coat usually darken as they age. This dog grows very rapidly, and at eight weeks it should weigh around seven and a half kilograms and it reaches its full height at the age of one year. However its growth will not be complete until it has turned three or four years of age. The puppy's coat does not have any major changes except that it sheds. The ears of this dog should stick straight up when it is seven months old. An adequate diet is vital, and many times it will require vitamin supplements. At adolescence it needs to get a lot of exercise to keep it healthy and so that it grows correctly. The owner must pay a lot of attention to it and make sure to socialize and train it to avoid it from becoming introverted, reserved, shy, or fearful, as this can be dangerous. Sexual maturity in the females can take up to two years, or might come as quickly as eight months.

General health:
The good thing about this dog is that it enjoys of a natural morphology. Serious hereditary problems are not common – hip dysphasia occurs, but very rarely – However, it is important to make sure the parents of the puppy are free of hip dysphasia through certificates. Skin problems have been informed in this breed, including acne and hives. It is very important to keep this dog very clean and to brush its coat a lot even though its coat is short. Like a lot of hunting dogs, it is very important to be careful with anesthetics and anti parasite medicine. Since it is a very fast dog that has a thin body structure and not much body fat, it can lead it to suffering from lesions, especially dislocations and broken ligaments. The life span of this dog is around thirteen years.

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