Irish Greyhound or Irish Wolfhound

According the Irish Jesuit Edmund Ignatius Hogan that have made a profound study of this breed, these dogs are mentioned for the first time in the year 391, in a message from the Roman Consul Quintus Aurelius Symmachus to his sister Flavia, in which he thanks her for the wolf Irish dogs that have caused a great impression in the arena. The Irish greyhounds had great splendor between the 12th to 16th centuries, in the time of the great hunts. It was very requested abroad and often exported. When the wolves got extinct in the British Islands, the interest for these big dogs reduced and each time it was hard to find them. Finally, the Irish Parliament passed an Act where its export was prohibited. During 200 years, these dogs had a miserable existence. In 1862, the English canine expert Graham gathered the survivors of this practically disappeared breed and created the current type crossing it with the Deerhound and the German Mastiffs. It received its standard in 1885.

In Scotland, a great greyhound that is very similar to the Deerhound or Scottish greyhound has been raised for a long time. The first information about its existence is found in the cave paintings of the Perth county. Its great moment goes back to the 17th century when great hunts of deer were made in Scotland. The fall of the Stuarts, the appearance of the firearms and the scarcity of large preys made that the Deerhounds' existence become threatened. Any way, some breeders have kept the breed to our days.

Nowadays, these two breeds do not have a practical use. They are used as pet dogs because they are tranquil, friendly and sociable. The Irish greyhound keeps good relations with children.

Irish Greyhound. Size: male at least 79 cm; female at least 71 cm. There are even dogs that measure 120 cm up to the cross. Weight: 40-55 kg. Colors: gray, red, white, doe-color, straw-colored (1), in general with a dark mask.

Deerhound. Size: male at least 75 cm; female at least 70 cm. Weight: 29-42 kg. Colors: chalkboard gray, straw-colored gray (2), yellow, reddish yellow or reddish gray with a mask and black ears.

The fur is dense and rough for these two breeds and it does not need any special care; it should only be groomed and combed occasionally.

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