Irish Terrier Breed Origins and Caracteristics

The Irish terrier is the descendant of an old national Irish breed, the red terrier crossed with black and tan terrier. From 1870, it was subject to a severe selection in order to obtain the desired type and three years later, the breed was already exhibited in Dublin. The Irish terrier is a typical hunting dog, it is very aggressive, excellent tracker, it can follow a trail during many kilometers. The bravery with which it reacts to a command over its adversary contrasts with its confidence and dedication to its master and its excellent relationship with children. Nowadays it is especially a pet dog but what was above mentioned should not be forgotten.

At first sight, the soft-coated wheaten terrier looks a little bit like an Irish terrier. This old breed comes from Ireland, Munster. Among several legends that have arisen, it is said that the ancestors descend from the Spanish dogs that survived from the shipwreck of the invincible Army. But the breed was not acknowledged until 1943. The soft-coated Wheaten terrier is a nice dog, full of life and mistrustful to strangers. But its dynamism it is not convenient especially to have it in an apartment. But it is a multipurpose dog, which is used both for hunting and watching over property and herds.

Irish Terrier. Size: 45 cm. Weight: 11-12 kg. Colors: one-color, red, wheaten (1) or reddish wheaten. The skin is made of external hard and tight hair and soft and short wooly hair. The hair is cut just like the Airedale terrier.

Soft-coated wheaten terrier (2). Size: 46-48 cm. Weight: 16-18 kg. Hair: one-color, wheaten. The puppies are born auburn, red or gray. They have a dark mask and a dark strip on the back. But these marks disappear when they get older. The hair is dense and soft, wavy and with ringlets. They do not need special care; it is enough to clean, groom and comb it regularly. In Ireland, the hair cut is similar to that of the Kerry Blue. In England, a mane-liked hair cut is done; it was also introduced in the European continent.

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