Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish water Spaniel has a loose crest of curly hair over its soft face. This dog has a sporty body and is very well balanced. Its body is adorned with liver colored curls and it has a thin tail that looks like rats. This dog is very active, athletic and robust. Its head is cleanly chiseled and should not look overloaded. It has a big skull, which is rounded and has a gradual stop. The ears on this dog are long and covered in an abundant amount of curls. Its neck is long and arched; the shoulders are inclined and the top line of its body is strong and leveled. Its body should have a medium length, its chest should be long and it should have an ample thorax. The legs should have a strong aspect but should not look too heavy, they should have good bone structure, have a medium size length and its elbows should be closed. This dog is double coated and is abundant all over its body having thick, curly and tight hair. The texture of its hair is oily by nature. The ideal color of this dog is reddish liver. The male's height is around fifty-six to sixty centimeters, and females are about two and a half centimeters under that. Males weigh around twenty-seven to thirty two kilograms and females around twenty-two to twenty kilograms.

Ideal owner:
This dog can be considered very sporty and loves having fun. It has a similar but at the same time different look to a poodle and it has gained a lot of admirers. It is a water lover by nature and needs to have very active owners. Irish water Spaniels are very loyal to their owners, but are not too keen on strangers. If you have children in your family make sure to teach them how to handle this dog as it is very independent and thinks very quickly.

Often times the puppies are born with a white spot on their chests and toes. These should go away though when the puppy is around six to eight weeks old. The color of their eyes can be either dark amber but these should get darker when it matures. If you are looking into getting one of these dogs avoid getting one that has too much white and pick one with darker eyes. It starts to get its typical curly hair around four or five months of age. The owner will need to dedicate a lot of time to teaching it and allowing it get a lot of exercise especially in the case of younger dogs. It should be put in a basic training puppy program to train it.

General health:
Thankfully breeders have done a very good job with these dogs and this has contributed to its excellent health. This breed is relatively free of hereditary and defective diseases. There have been some incidences of hip dysphasia but it is rare. Another hereditary problem that has been seen is that certain parts of its body do not have hair. The biggest concern of breeders is this dog's coat; it needs to get brushed regularly because the curls can cause it to become knotted and can irritate the dog's skin. Besides this, since its coat is very thick it can give place to parasites, fleas and ticks. The hair inside of its ears and on its pads should also be trimmed to avoid infections from springing up. This breed can also suffer from a chronic disease that affects its nails and it causes the dog to limp. The Irish water Spaniel is a very active fearless dog so the owner will need to canalize its instincts by training it and dedicating a lot of attention to it. The life span of this dog is between ten and twelve years.

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