King Charles Spaniel

A curious fellow, the King Charles Spaniel has been blessed with a head that is too large for its own body, which is rounded but not coarse. This dog is very short, has a flat nose, a wide jaw that is square and has slight inferior prognathism. Its ears are very long, lowly inserted, and it has a very sweet and intelligent expression on its face. This dog's body is compact, square, with a wide back. The neck is moderately long. Its tail should not be held above or under its back line. The King Charles' coat is long, silky and straight; some also have wavy hair. The ears, body, chest and paws should have an abundant amount of fringes on them. These dogs come in four colors, which are ruby red, black and white. The red ones might have a little white spot on their chest. This dog must be able to move with amplitude and impulse due to its straight front legs and well-angled hind legs. The ideal weight of an adult King Charles Spaniel is between three and a half to six and a half kilograms.

Ideal owner:
Funny and sweet, the King Charles Spaniel, also known as the toy English Spaniel is a very delicate but resistant breed that needs a subtle owner to be able to handle it correctly. Despite its peculiar aspect, for some, this dog is a perfectly normal dog that can be easily trained. It is not recommended for children to be around this dog due to its fragile body and big head. It loves being around its owners and gets really attached to them.

The little King Charles Spaniel is born with a weight of only 140 to 280 grams. By the age of eight weeks it should weigh around two and a half kilograms. Puppies are born with a lack of pigmentation but this quickly completes itself. According to breeders, this dog does not have any growth problems outside of the common. This dog grows at a good rhythm and reaches its maximum height and sexual maturity around a year of age. Its full coat and body size does become complete until the dog is two years of age. This dog does not require of a specific diet, but the owner will need to check its bones grow correctly as well as its legs and head.

General health:
The King Charles Spaniel requires of little special care and has an average life span of around nine to fifteen years. Like other small companion dogs, it is prone to kneecap problems and other articulation complications. Avoid getting one that has fragile bones. Some breeders have reported ocular problems, which is probably due to its pronounced eyes. This breed may also suffer from breathing difficulties, diabetes mellitus, coronary congestive disease, umbilical hernia, and insufficient closure of the fontanelle. The care its coat requires is not complicated but the owner will need to be consistent with it, especially the longer hair on the legs and ears. It has longer ears making it more prone to ear infections, especially in hotter weather so keep a check on them, and if the dog has inferior prognathism, the care its teeth require are more important as well.

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