Korthals Griffon

This dog is a true hunter and is a show dog that can also be used to retrieve. It is medium sized and has a wiry coat. Its head and muzzle are square but its stop and occipital are not very pronounced. The eyes are big and round; the ears are medium sized and are hang close to its head. The muzzle should be brown. This dog's neck is pretty long; its back is strong and firm looking and its chest should not look too wide or too narrow. The tail is often docked by a third or half way. Its shoulders are long and incline back. The front legs should look straight and its feet should be round and firm. Its legs are long and well angled; the hocks should not be open or closed and should look strong and well angled. The Korthals Griffon is a double coated dog and the under coat should have a medium length and should feel straight and wiry, not woolly or curly. Its outer coat is less abundant but should be water resistant and should feel fluff and thick. The hair it has on its face (the mustache, eyebrows and ears) gives this dog a disheveled look. The ideal color for this dog is steel grey with brown spots. They also come in auburn brown, roan, white and brown, and white and orange. If you intend to use it as a show dog its coat cannot be black.

Ideal owner:
This dog is not very common or seen much within the United States and England; it's a European dog though. It is a very talented dog and has a lot of abilities above other hunting dogs. It is very athletic and easy to train, and has a lot of energy for hunting which is something that hunters absolutely love. It's pretty calm, affectionate and becomes very attached to its family. Teaching it to socialize is very important since some of them have a tendency to be shy.

At birth this dog is white and has a brown head. After around a week, its body starts to get a brown marbled color and at three weeks of age it starts to get spots on its body. This breed does not mature quickly and it can take up to two and a half to three years. If you are looking into getting one, make sure picking out a puppy that is too large in size. This is a medium sized dog so go after that. Avoid going after the shy one as well; find one that looks happy and extroverted. But keep in mind that it is within their nature to be sensitive. Avoid picking one that has a soft coat and or curly coat, the texture of its coat should feel wiry, even in the case of a puppy. This dog is pretty active but not hyperactive. At adolescence it should be easy to train as it is intelligent and has a nice personality.

General health:
Thankfully this dog does not have a lot of serious hereditary diseases. However hip dysphasia has been seen, but it happens very rarely. The wiry coat of this dog requires weekly attention and must be plucked and cut to keep it in the right conditions. Knots can cause it to have skin problems and can also bring about parasites. Pay special attention to the hair around its eyes, mouth, ears and anus by keeping these areas clean in order to avoid infections. This is a very resistant work dog and is happier if it has athletic owners that will allow it to follow its strong hunting instincts. It is also very playful and needs to be placed in a gated garden. The life span of this dog is of ten years or more.

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