Miniature Bull Terrier

The average height of the miniature bull terrier is around twenty-five to thirty five centimeters. It is a strongly built and proportionate dog that has a long head deep head and an oval shaped face. The head of this dog must look full and there shouldn't be any sunken places on its forehead and it should be flat between the ears. The ears are small, think and together. Its eyes are small, sunken and triangular shaped and are very shiny. This dog has a very powerful and long neck, its back is short and strong, and its body should be very round with ample ribs. The thorax should be wide from the wichers to the sternum. The inferior line of this dog should be cutely curved upwards. The tail is short inserted downwards and thins at the tip. The shoulders are strong but not heavy looking. The front legs should be parallel well developed and angled. Its feet should look compact and look like a cats. The coat is short and smooth. In the white versions, it is completely white, in those with color, the color must predominate the white on its body.

Ideal owner:
This relatively new breed is the dream of many people. It is a very attractive looking terrier and it does not have the exaggerations the standard bull terrier has. Although it is small – it's a miniature – it is still a wonderful guard dog and it adapts well to different life styles. It is very active, lively and alert and very fun to live with. Children really like this breed and in general the females are the best choices for families.

A well-trained miniature bull terrier is a very healthy animal that has very few growth problems. Puppies grow at a slower pace until it is an adult and which at this point, should not be any higher than thirty-five centimeters. Due to the rareness of this breed, the person interested in obtaining one of these dogs will need to get as much information from the breeder about the needs of this dog and how to best raise it. The mini bull terrier is a very energetic dog and needs plenty of exercise and training. Feeding must be done according to how the breeder prescribes to satisfy the high energy of this dog.

General health:
Little can be said about the hereditary problems of a miniature bull terrier and it has been said they have very few problems. And, it bigger brother, the bull terrier doesn't have many hereditary problems either. The owner of a miniature bull terrier will need to keep an eye on deafness as well as an abnormality on the tail, which can be noticed if it has a bald spot on its tail and umbilical hernias. All in all probably the biggest concern of the owner will be to protect this little pooch that has a lot of energy from its own fearlessness – it can sometimes be too bold – and avoid it from getting hurt or having broken bones which is a common thing the owner of this breed say. The care of their coat is minimal but it does need exercise and good training.

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