Miniature Poodle

The miniature poodle's height is anywhere from twenty five to thirty five centimeters. It's bigger than the toy poodle but smaller than the medium sized one. The miniature poodle's eyes are very dark, slightly oblique, but aren't round or prominent or too big. Its ears should be close to its head and should have long lobules. The head of this dog should look somewhat rounded with a slight but defined stop. Its cheekbones should be smooth; its nose long, straight and fine and should be slightly chiseled right under its eyes but it should not be pointy. It's shoulders should be well inclined back and not look straight. Its front legs should look straight and parallel and its feet should be oval and small, not open. Its hind legs should be straight and well angled. The coat of this dog should be kinky and should always have a rough thick texture to it. There are certain determined haircuts that are done on poodles by dog barbers and its up to the owner to decide what he or she likes best. The colors of the miniature poodle can be blue, grey, silver, brown, light brown, crème or apricot.

Ideal owner:
One of the big advantages of the miniature poodle is the fact that it fits into many different types of life styles. It's neither big nor too small. This dog can be classified as vivacious and charming. All poodles are great learners and they love pleasing their owners. However, they do tend to get spoiled by their owners and when this happens it is a crying shame because this dog has a fantastic character. It likes people, other dogs and is more open to listening to its owner then other breeds.

The size litter of a miniature poodle is around six to ten puppies and they weight approximately 170 to 200 grams. The tail is usually docked during the first week of life. The miniature poodle comes in a variety of different colors however they do tend to change colors as they grow into adulthood. The coat usually grows pretty quickly but it will take around a year for it to complete its normal length and texture. If you are looking into getting a miniature poodle be careful and make sure to get information about its health and character making sure that it has been bred correctly. It will be necessary to start taking care of its coat at a young age to get it used to this routine.

General health:
The practical size of this puppy as well as its incredible intelligence and excellent company are all things that make this dog a great companion. No matter what type you choose its coat will need a lot of attention starting from a young age and this will need to be done by a professional, that is unless you the owner are a professional dog barber. When picking out one of these puppies it is necessary to choose it very carefully since this breed can have a lot of problems, although these problems vary. The most common ones are problems with the eyes, ears and skin including otitis, Red cone degeneration, progressive retina atrophy, atopic dermatitis, sebaceous hereditary adenitis and seborrhea. Abnormalities such as Von Willebrand, Legg-Perthes, kidney stones, and epilepsy have also been seen but they are not that common. Poodles can also have adverse reactions to the anti rabies vaccine.

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