Norwegian Buhund

This dog is has a lightweight build, is medium sized and has a very brave look, as well as energetic and friendly. The size of the head should be in proportion with the body, not heavy looking and has a wedge shape to it. Its nose is medium length. The ears are placed high up on it head and stick upwards and are pointy. The neck is medium length and it should not have skin hanging from it. Its eyes are oval shaped and should be dark brown. The front legs are straight and its body should look strong, short and lightweight. They have a deep chest and the torso should be straight. The hind legs are strong and a little angled. The tail is inserted upwards, is strong and tightly curled over the center of the back. The coat of this dog is closed and rough, but smooth with a soft undercoat. The colors of this dog are usually biscuit or black. The height is about forty-six centimeters and the females are little shorter.

Ideal owner:
This is a clean and natural looking dog and is more commonly seen in Europe. This dog is one of the most adaptable dogs. It has a very versatile and balanced character and due to this ability it is used to help assist the blind etc. it is a perfect dog for children. It is exceptionally obedient, however it is a thinker and gets bored. This is definitely a people dog and adapts well to the personality of its owner.

At around eight weeks, this dog weighs around four or five kilograms. When it is born it might have a lot of different coat tones such as gray, it then gains its normal color at the age of eight to twelve weeks. After this stage, its color will not change much, but its coat will become richer and will become more clear. The Buhund reaches physical maturity at different ages. Normally their maximum height is reached at the age of eight and twelve months and their weight between twelve and fourteen months. Full physical maturity can take up to two years though. At adolescence it will change its coat to its adult coat. Since it is a double-coated dog it will need to be brushed and it sheds twice a year. An adolescent male might try to show its dominance, especially over other dogs and because of this it will be necessary to educate and train it.

General health:
This dog descends from its ancestors which were authentic work dogs and it has conserved its functionality and health. This dog needs a lot of exercise and consistent training. This breed really enjoys acting like a shepherd when it is given the opportunity. The amount of care that must go into its coat is not excessive but it must be taken care of especially during shedding seasons. The type of feeding it needs is not too demanding but the owner will need to ask the breeder or veterinarian what the best diet is. This breed is in general free of hereditary and congenital problems and diseases. The worse worries are hereditary cataracts.

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