Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Disheveled and carefree, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a tracing dog that is small, short, has a wiry coat, a robust body build, and an intrepid personality. Both the male and female are around thirty-four to thirty eight centimeters in height from the wichers. In essence this dog is longer than it is in height, and it should have good bone structure. The coat should be rough to the touch, moderately long but should not be exaggeratedly long, nor should it feel wooly or silky; its natural coat or if it hasn't been groomed it should have a beard and mustache and its long ears give this dog a very cute look. The head of this dog has a good proportion and it stands with a proud demeanor; it has big eyes with an intelligent expression on them; the ears are flexible, thin and fine. The skull is rounded and oval with a prominent occipital. The neck is long and strong and should not have any dewlap; the back should be straight, muscular and firm; it should have a long chest; the tail should have a medium sized length, highly inserted and carried like that of a sable. The front legs are straight and the hind ones should be well angled. This dog comes in different colors such as white with lime, orange, black, tri colored, or grayish. Light colored eyes are a defect in this breed.

Ideal owner:
This dog is knows as the rustic French dog. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a very charismatic dog, is very charming and very independent. Although it is very sure of itself and independent it is still a very obedient and pleasing dog. For being a hound, it is not shy at all, but rather full of life, loves being around people and loves life. It really enjoys hunting and other outside sports, and it enjoys playing in the company of children.

At around eight weeks of age the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen should weigh around four or five kilograms. The age it matures can vary, but it is usually around eighteen months of age. If you are looking into getting one make sure to pick out a puppy that is active, extroverted, and happy looking. Make sure to also focus on the temperament of the parents of the puppy; the ideal progenitors are affectionate and have a good personality. Some grumpiness and stubbornness is to be expected in this breed as long as it is not too much though. Avoid getting one that has twisted or bent legs or that seems to be shy. It is common for this breed to change color; the darker ones tend to get lighter, and the lighter ones tend to become darker. At adolescence this dog requires consistent training and socialization as well as an abundant amount of exercise and fresh air. Due to its origins, this breed loves hunting or simply wonder around the woods if it is given the opportunity to do so.

General health:
The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a very ancient breed that was conserved by French hunters as well as by enthusiasts of the breed. The result of this turned out to be a very strong and healthy dog, free of congenital and hereditary diseases. One worry breeders have with this breed is epilepsy, however careful and responsible breeders have managed to reduce the incidences of epilepsy enormously. Obviously if you are looking into getting one, it is still a good idea to get all the necessary medical certificates that guarantee the dog's health. The diet and coat care are not very demanding however it is recommended to get a prescribed diet from the breeder or veterinarian during the first year of its life to help it during its growth. Make sure to pay special attention to its ears by keeping them clean so as to avoid infections. Besides this, make sure to keep the areas around the dog's mouth and anus clean to control possible infections. The owner might need to trim down some of the hair around these areas. Make sure the veterinarian is familiar with this breed that is not very common.

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