Petit Chien Lion

The Petit Chien Lion got its name because of its fabulous lion hair cut which consists of leaving the hair around the neck, head, tail and feet longer and puffy. This is a small dog that is around twenty-five to thirty three centimeters in height. This dog comes in different color tones such as smooth colors or combined. It has a short head, which is wide in proportion; the eyes are round and dark; the ears hang and have an abundant amount of hair on them; the nose is black or brown, depending on the coat of the dog. The neck has a good length and is arched proudly. The front legs should be straight and fine; the body has a good cut and is well proportioned and the superior line is straight. The hind legs should be muscular. The tail has a medium length and is feathery at the end of it. The coat of this dog is fine, and silky, it should be long and or wavy but never curly.

Ideal owner:
Despite its very small size, the Petit Chien Lion is not a typical lap dog and it takes itself and its lion hair cut very seriously. This dog is an excellent companion inside the house, but it also loves playing outside and is amazingly very resistant to cold temperatures – many of them really enjoy playing in the snow! – While in the house this dog will also enjoy sitting on its owners lap for a little while and can enjoy the quite moments, but will not last this way all day.

The Petit Chien Lion is a very small dog that should weigh around two or three kilograms at the age of eight weeks. According to breeders, physical maturity is reached over the age of eighteen weeks, however it reaches its full height before. Since its coat can change colors completely when it is an adult, it is difficult for the breeder and for the future owners to know what the dogs color is going to be when it grows up into an adult. If you are interested in getting one, make sure to go after one that has a healthy look, is well balanced, and is extroverted and friendly. Since it is relatively unknown breed, the person looking into getting one must study up on it and carefully investigate by talking to different breeders before picking out a puppy, and to make sure to obtain all the information about the diet it needs, the care of the coat and physical growth.

General health:
The Petit Chien Lion has conserved itself really well in the dedicated hands of those that love it. Breeders have developed this breed from a very limited base. Actually in 1960 this breed was known as the scarcest breed. And this is pretty evident since most breeds that have proceeded from a limited base are affected by thyroid problems, epilepsy, and Von Willebrand and Legg Perthes disease. However this does not seem to be the case of this breed, but it is still recommended to select a puppy very carefully and get a lot of information from the breeder about it. Now breeders are very concerned about progressive retina atrophy and joint dislocation, which are two common hereditary defects of domestic dogs. To achieve and give it its "lion look" you will need to take it to a professional dog barber, unless you believe you can do it yourself and are interested in learning. If you are only intending on having your dog as a companion dog, then a simpler cut could come in handy. Remember that this breed needs a lot of playtime, and loves running in a nice big garden outdoors.

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