The Schnauzer has a robust medium sized body build, with its typical thick wiry coat, and its face is adorned with its arched eyebrows, a moustache and a beard. This dog has strong bones, is muscular and its height is anywhere from forty seven to fifty centimeters and around two and a half centimeters less in the case of the females. This dogs body can be described as square, the length of its body is equal to its height. The head should look rectangular and long; the eyes should be medium sized, oval shaped and dark brown; the ears should be highly inserted, and are usually docked making them stand upwards, however whether or not they are docked they should have a v shape to them. The skull of this dog is flat, not rounded; the muzzle is strong; the cheekbones are well developed but should not look exaggerated. The neck is strong and has a moderate thickness and length, it should also be well arched; the top line of the dog should look horizontal; the back should be strong, straight and short; the body is compact; the chest should be medium sized in width. Its stomach should be slightly retracted but not too much; the tail is pretty highly inserted and the dog carries it upwards, the tail is usually docked however make sure to find out about the laws in your country concerning these types of procedure as it is not allowed in some places. The shoulders of a Schnauzer should be inclined and very muscular; the front legs straight; the hind legs very muscular and should not be taller than the shoulders; its legs should be wide and well angled. The coat of this dog is rough, tight and very thick, it has a soft and dense under coat and the outer coat should be wiry. The two possible colors of this dog are salt and pepper, or completely black. The outer coat should never look brown, yellow, spotted, streaky, rust color etc.

Ideal owner:
The wonderful thing about this dog is that it is extremely loyal to its people; Schnauzers are one-person dogs, or one family dog. They get along really well with children if they have been brought up together. This dog is very territorial, and its family is its family, and friends can rarely enter into its circle. Obviously this makes of this dog and excellent guard dog and its deep bark helps as well. Schnauzers have good memories and are very consistent on their tastes and likings. Not only is this dog easy to train but its intelligence and desire to have fun, make of it the perfect companion dog. It does not always get along well with other dogs and it cannot be trusted with other smaller animals such as hamsters or mice. Remember that this dog is by nature an exterminator.

At birth a Schnauzer weighs around 200 to 340 grams and its coat is usually black. During the first weeks of life, you will be able to notice that its coat will become a little lighter and this will extend as the dog grows. The growth rhythm might vary in this breed. The ears can be left natural or they can be nipped; the tail and the dewclaws are usually cut during the first days of the dogs life, however, make sure to find out about the laws in the country you live in concerning nipping and docking as it is not allowed in some places. At eight weeks of age the weight of a puppy should be three and a half to five kilograms. Sometimes this dog will have sudden growing spurts, while there are also cases that seem too small at first and then grow very rapidly. It reaches it maximum height when it is around a year old, but full maturity is not reached until the dog is three years or it might even take up to five years. If you are interested in getting one, make sure to pick one that is sociable. Puppies need to get socialized constantly during puberty. Breeders highly recommend putting the dog in basic puppy training school to train it adequately. During adolescence this dog will try to test its owner and defy the house rules. Its coat requires special care when it is changing to its adult coat.

General health:
Schnauzers are a very resistant, intelligent, and active dogs. It has a long life span of around fifteen to seventeen years. Most of the problems that occur to this dog are behavior related. Dogs that are not well socialized, that have been traumatized because of incorrect treatment, and dogs that have been ignored usually suffer from behavior problems. The care this dog's coat requires is demanding and is very important. Just like with the miniature schnauzer this dog can suffer from a follicular dermatitis. Trimming its coat regularly can reduce the incidences of it though. It has also been documented that these dogs can suffer from conjunctivitis caused by irritation of the hair on its face, and progressive retina atrophy. Older schnauzers might suffer of tumors and adenomas. Cardiac and heart failure has also been seen, and heart failure is something that frequently causes death in senior schnauzers. Some have suffered from pulmonary stenosis and kidney stones. Feeding allergies and ticks might bring about problems too.

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