The Fight Against Dog Worms

Worms are more rebellious and tricky parasites. 90% of all stray dogs are infected. When the presence of worms is discovered (in the feces), although it is very difficult in puppies, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian who will give you all the details of what kind of parasite it is. She will do this by examining the feces under a microscope and will give a prescription in order to get rid off these worms.

A persistent diarrhea can be a symptom of worms. The infection is very difficult to prevent as it occurs when the dog licks surfaces that are covered with worm eggs. Puppies can also be infected by the nipples of their mother's breasts while nursing.

These parasites, typical in the infancy of a dog, can be gotten rid off naturally with the feces. In this case you can start to suspect the existence of worms when your dog shows signs of irregular appetite, weight loss, diarrhea alternated with constipation, vomiting, anal pruritus, nervous phenomenons (which can be similar to epileptic symptoms) and a loss of color of the fur.

Worms can reproduce in such a fast way that they can produce an intestinal blockage. That's why expert breeders suggest the administration of deformers to the puppies every two months, and to adult dogs once a year. Currently, there are products that are not toxic and don't have any contraindications, but it is always best to consult a trusted veterinarian in order to decide what is the best product to use, the dose, etc.

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