Train Your Puppy To Be Clean

It is useless to assume that a two-month old puppy will know where to do his needs. Therefore, it would be completely ruthless to go around smacking the poor animal around and you're not going to get anywhere. It will most probably be difficult to get your puppy to be clean before he is four months old. Anyway, what you can do is try to have him do his needs in one place all the time, which represents an introduction to the cleanliness habits he needs to learn. Once you have decided on the ideal place for the puppy to defecate after meals (immediately afterwards), take him and place him on a piece of newspaper which has been placed in the corner that you consider the most indicated. After a couple of times your puppy will get used to that place and will start to learn.

In order to prepare your puppy for his first outings to the street, with the sole objective of eliminating the newspapers-on-the-floor system, first you'll have to get your puppy used to the collar and you can leave it on the animal, making sure that it is loose. Later on, when the puppy is already exempted, you can hook on the leash and try to walk him around the house. Don't walk around too fast yet, and when you have achieved the first few steps, that your dog gently and give him some words of praise, letting them know that you are happy that he is learning. Little by little, the puppy will go getting used to this and will soon be ready for the street.

If after a certain amount of time you notice that you haven't achieved what you wanted to, do not despair and keep on trying. There are some puppies which take longer to learn and others. Under no circumstances should you hit your puppy; that will only harm your puppy's character and it will take longer to obtain positive results. It is a proven fact that animals that are trained by the whip end up with a very bad character and it is later almost impossible to make them behave well. What you can do, however, and only in necessary cases, is roll up a sheet of newspaper and hit him slightly on his back, in such a way that it makes noise but without any pain. Along with that soft slap with the newspaper, make sure to say a couple of firm words (without screaming) so that the puppy can understand that what he has done is wrong.

A case in which this kind of punishment would be necessary when you return from a long walk and your puppy decides to do his needs inside the house. Simply rebuke your puppy for what he has done, with a light slap and take him outside for around an hour. After that, without saying anything let him in. Make sure that, for these kinds of experiments, it isn't cold outside; otherwise, your puppy might contract a disease and it's not worth the risk for such a petty thing.

I certainly don't know the origin of that stupid custom of rubbing the puppy's nose in his own excrement when he has done his needs in the wrong place. By doing this, you can actually obtain contrary results to what is expected as your puppy will acquire a sick affinity for his own excrement, increasing his desire for filth. Until now, this method has never proven to be successful.

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