We Should Try To Prevent Births Of More Stray Dogs

Why are so many homeless dogs born? You could say that, since nature has placed the dog at the side of man, we are to blame for the uncontrolled births of dogs, and also to the excessive liberty they have of walking around the streets. It is important, therefore, to remember some general rules so that someone, after reading them, can avoid, with attention and vigilance, the procreation of unhappy and future unfortunate dogs.

Normally the female dogs have two estrus cycles a year. The first cycle appears when the puppy is around 8 or 9 months old, but it can delay more according to the weather, the size, the kind of diet and the season in which the puppy was born. The beginning of the estrus cycle can be noticed when the vulva swells up and loses some blood. The average time an estrus cycle lasts is about 15 days. During The first week, the one in which there is a great loss of blood, the bitch is not fertile. During the second week, however, the bitch is ready to accept the company of the male dog. From that moment and for another 8 or 9 days she can get pregnant because ovulation has begun.

Therefore, if you don't want to have puppies you must keep your female dog isolated and only take her out for hygienic walks, always with a leash. You can also place a protective plastic belt on her. This belt is stuffed with hydrophilic cotton and placed easily.

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