What Kind Of Dog Do I Want?

The first question that arises is what kind of dog you should buy, always according to your economical possibilities, which shouldn't only be the initial cost of the animal, but also the cost of feeding and taking care of it. If you bear in mind that there are about 300 recognized canine breeds, it means that there are breeds for different likes and needs.

In first place, you must take into consideration the space you have for the animal to play and run in; if the dog is going to be kept in a small apartment most of the day, it's better to get a smaller and less physical dog – not more than 7 kilos. If you have a big patio, then you can consider getting a medium sized dog; in other words, between 8 and 30 kilos. You must only think about the possibility of a bigger one if you have a big spacious garden, in which case, you can also have more than one dog.

If you have already decided on the size of the dog, you also have to consider the length of the hair. In general, long-haired dogs are prettier, but they demand more work in order to keep them clean. Besides, there is a time in the year when these dogs shed hairs, and can make your house look messy. Short-haired dogs are therefore easier to maintain.

You must also take into consideration the natural predisposition of different dogs. Evidently, if the person who wants to acquire a puppy is a hunter and is thinking about training his dog for such purpose, it would be useless to pick a puppy at random; not all dogs like hunting, and therefore not just any dog can be forced to do something he is not willing to do.

Another important factor, before the puppy arrives at the house, is that the people who are going to live with the dog, and even have to take the dog out for a walk every day, have been appropriately mentally prepared and have a notion of the basic care of a dog.

If there are children at home, you must explain to them that dog is not a toy and that, therefore, they should respect their resting and eating schedule; otherwise, the dog might grow up with disorders and deficiencies which will become difficult to rectify. Undoubtedly, dogs become great friends of children, but did necessary measures should be made in order to avoid any problems.

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