When The Puppy Is No Longer A Puppy

According to most veterinarians, a dog is a puppy from birth till nine months of age. From then on, until 15 months of age, it is considered a young dog, and from then on, an adult. Nevertheless, in order to be practical, we'll refer to dogs as adults at one year of age.

And around the seventh or eighth month, the puppy will start to eat only twice a day, in other words, breakfast in the morning, and around eight o'clock at night, the main meal. You must follow this system until the puppy is one year-old. From there, stop feeding your dog breakfast and only continue with the evening meal.

There are many people who believe that if they only give their dogs one meal a day they are being cruel, and that their dogs will be unhappy. The system that we have just mentioned is the most indicated by veterinarians, breeders and dog lovers all around the world. However, if you do still want to give breakfast to your dog, make sure it is very early the morning and something very light (almost symbolic). The evening meal should still be the main one.

You must be especially careful if you give your dog the same food you eat as they should not eat spicy or condimented foods. Also, as mentioned before, you should be very careful with chicken and rabbit bones, as they can result in fatal consequences.

When the dog is already an adult, you shouldn't think that it can eat at any hour, as we humans "erroneously" do. Constant changes in the food schedule can lead to nervous disorders and other diseases.

When you travel, or when you don't have enough time to prepare natural food for your dog, you can turn to the commercial products that are available at your local supermarket. But remember, this is only as an exception; sad to say, nowadays everybody just gives their dogs that unnatural stuff.

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