Flowbee Dog Groomer

Something that came up after having taken our dog to our Flowbee Dog Groomer was the huge expense it was turning out to be for us, and we don't even take our dog to our Flowbee Dog Groomer as much as other people do. Every year thousands of people pay very large amounts of money to groomers and veterinarians to shave their dog's long hair for example. Obviously the reasons why people want this done to their animals varies. There are many places in the South part of the USA that people like to have their dog's hair shaved due to the heat and in order to keep them cooler. Whereas there are people that leave their dog's hair to grow out during the winter months and then have to face the consequences of big matted hairballs. One big reason people like to get their dog's hair shaved is for cleanliness sake in order to control parasites in the dog however these types of things can cost a lot of money believe it or not. Just bathing and shaving a dog alone can cost anywhere from fifty to eighty dollars. And if the dog needs to get sedated for some reason it will cost even more. Now this is not to say that we shouldn't take our dogs to the groomers, but for people that simply cannot afford it one solution might be to learn how to groom their dogs. Obviously a dog needs to go to his regular grooming sessions and check ups but there are some things that a dog owner can do himself such as brushing his or her dog's coat, brushing the dog's teeth, checking and cleaning the ears and eyes etc. Talk to your Flowbee Dog Groomer to teach you some basics.

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