Fever in Dog. How to tell if a dog has a fever

Infectious diseases, fever in dog and vaccines: For a dog's owner will be difficult to identify the different infectious diseases; however, is very important for him to know the most frequent infections, cause on one side is a great ignorance, and on the other, there are many new scientific methods to cure, and specially to prevent them.

Canine distemper: Distemper affects usually young dogs, though can also affect older ones. Animals weaken by parasites and other diseases or spiritual crisis are in a greater risk This is cause by a virus with an insidious conduct. The disease is declared 3 to 6 days after contagious. At the beginning is similar to a serious cold. Distemper is typical for an apparent brief cure, alongside a second fever access. After the virus, some bacteria invade some previously damaged organ. That organ could be lungs (lung distemper), intestine channel (digestive distemper), or eyes (ocular distemper). In any case fighting against it will be hard for the vet. The owner can help with good care. Directly associated to the second access of the disease, or some weeks later, the terrible "neurological distemper" may appear. We'll talk about it later, and is the cause for canine epilepsy.

Important: If the dog's eyes turn red, his nose snivels and is dull, indifferent or without appetite, rush to the vet. Never try to treat him by yourself.

Attention: according to some expert's recent observations, distemper is more frequent.

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