The authentic canine gladiator, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium sized, that weighs between 17 and 30 kg; the females, between 15 and 25 kg. The head is medium length and triangular: the skull is flat, with the maximum width between the ears, with prominent cheekbones. The muzzle is square, wide and deep, with well pronounced jaws. The ears can be cropped or not (attention to each country’s prohibitions), high inserted on the head; the eyes are round; the neck, slightly arched and muscular. The shoulders are strong, with sloped and open blades; the back is short and strong, slightly arched in the lumbar area. The chest is deep but not too wide; the tail is short and ends in a tip. The limbs are long, round boned; hocks well let down and straight. Every color is admitted and the coat is short and rough to the touch.
The athletic Pit Bull Terrier is a dog with set ideas, that needs to outlet its energy and the owner is responsible of providing that opportunity.
The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good family dog, and if it grows with children, it really enjoys the kid’s “beatings”, proving that it is much more tolerant than most breeds. In public, the dog should be leashed, since it loves to fight with other dogs, loyal to its Terrier past. If you are not responsible and careless, this is not your breed, since the Pit Bull requires an educated and sensitive owner. Around 40% of the Pit Bulls are aggressive towards cats (and other dogs), another legacy from its fighting ancestors. It is a set idea dog, loves people more than anything and is a great athlete.  It is soft when disciplined and can be stubborn; it loves to be at home and enjoys resting as much as exercising outdoors.

The Pit Bull puppy needs an affectionate hand to train it, despite its potential stubbornness. Own. Beth Jones.

Canine world gladiator! The American Pit Bull is without a question a tough, confident dog.
Since there is considerable size variation between the different breed lines, there are also different puppy sizes. However, in average, a 7-8 week puppy weighs between 5 and 7.5 kg. Physical maturity is not reached until two years, although the maximum height is reached around the year. Breeders have no pointers during growth. It seems that this breed simply requires good nutrition when it is a puppy, abundant socializing and exercise and consistent education. Breeders observe that aggression towards other dogs comes out at 18 months, and that from then the owner should always keep it on the leash to avoid fights.

According to the breeders, the breed is quite exempt of most current hereditary and congenital problems including hip dysplasia. However, the future owner should supervise inferior prognathism, loose joints and excessive bone and muscle (mostly in the shoulders). There are kidney stone cases. Perhaps the main advantage in Pit Bulls is their own strength, along with its great pain tolerance. Sprains, broken teeth, torn ligaments are common injuries. Care is minimal. Exercise demands are very high. Avoid authoritative training techniques, and never teach it to be aggressive.

Observe the mother’s character. With proper education and socialization, the puppy can develop its mother’s good temperament.