A guard breed, large and impressive, the Anatolian Shepherd is a powerful dog, big boned, that comes in many colors and patterns. 
It is an ancient herd watchdog. Muscled, well proportionate, which stands at more than 74 cm, the females more than 68 cm, and weighs more than 50 kg; the females, more than 40 kg. For the FCI: the males from 74 to 81 cm and the females from 71 to 79 cm; weigh: the males from 50 to 65 kg and the females 40 to 55 kg. A large dog that should be hard and lean, with a well proportionate head, strong muzzle, triangular rounded ears at the end, the eyes medium sized well separated for a good sight; neck slightly arched powerful and muscular with a moderate length. The forelegs are relatively long and with a good bone structure; the hind legs powerful, with a not overly developed musculature and with a proportionate angulations. The coat varies considerably in length (from short and straight to longer and somewhat wavy), but always with a thick undercoat. Curly or corded undercoats are not desirable. A great variety of colors is admitted, including fawn, fawn with a black mask, brindle and white. The tail with relatively high implantation and reaching the hock, is carried low when at ease, and curves upward; in alert is carried high with the end curled over the back, especially the males.
Potentially aggressive with other dogs, two Anatolian Shepherd specimens of the same gender cannot share a home. Their attitude develops faster than their body; a firm education is vital. 
An extremely territorial dog, guardian by nature, which requires plenty of attention when growing until turning into a calm and obedient guard dog. It is gentle with children, although it is not recommendable for children under five years old, since it is too large and strong. It cannot be strained forcefully, and it needs patience and respect to educate it efficiently. Traditional training techniques may not work with this breed, and the buyer should keep in touch with the breeder. Adults of the same sex cannot be together. Although it is not prone to wander, it is strongly territorial. It is not apt for the city since it requires large fenced spaces to exercise freely. It is brave and fearless, a fantastic animal to have.
With only eight weeks, an Anatolian Shepherd can weigh all of 17 kg. The mother should be open and trusting. 
The Anatolian Shepherd (Karabash) is a large dog, much more than it seems in the picture. The weigh after eight weeks is about 17 kg. The breed matures slowly, and complete maturity is not reached until the fourth year in males; females over three years. The buyer should choose a specimen with dark eyes and with a wide and deep skull and muzzle. The preferred color is fawn with a black mask. The character should be extroverted, and the parents should display a natural guardian instinct but without being aggressive. A growing Anatolian Shepherd will eat extraordinary amounts of food, but this decreases drastically when reaching the maximum height. It is usually not necessary to feed it too much, since the adult appetite is small for its size. The adolescent males can become disobedient and too “machos”. Socialization is vital to turn a Karabash into a treatable company animal.
Puppies have plenty of energy and a great appetite. 
The Anatolian Shepherd has been bred strictly for functionality for a long time, according to the most severe selectivity by the Turkish shepherds. This has resulted in a breed virtually free of hereditary problems. Currently there is a certain incidence of hip dysplasia, entropion, hyperthyroidism, cryptorchid and monorchid, as well as twisted mouths, superior prognathism and poor character. The buyer should insist in every possible test, on physical traits as well as character. Responsible breeder’s advice is looking around and learning everything possible about the breed before choosing your. Exercise demands are considerable, although they can easily be satisfied with long walks. Care demands are also simple, although considerable, due to the breed’s dense coat. The Anatolian Shepherd can live 12 or 13 years, some specimens a few more, which is very surprising for such a large breed.
The breed is protective and gentle by nature.