The Australian Terrier’s expression is smart and intelligent; over its head there is a soft bun. 
Small but tough, the Australian Terrier is a tiny working, that stands around 25 cm to the withers and somewhat less in females. The body is covered in rich, straight and dense hair about 6 cm in length and a short and soft textured undercoat. The body is longer than tall, solidly built with well chiseled ribs and a chest with moderate depth and height. A dog in good physical condition that displays good balance and weigh; the dog is medium boned. The ears small, raised and without a tendency to fold and the tail is docked. Color: blue (steel blue or dark bluish grey, with intense tan mark); light sand and reddish; whichever the color, the white spots at the chest or feet should be penalized. The head should be elongated and strong, with a lively expression. Check the inverted “V” shaped with less hair on the upper part of the muzzle. The neck, well lenghted and slightly arched. The ribs well chiseled, but never giving a round appearance; the lumbar area is relatively short, the abdomen slightly tucked; should never seem coarse. The forelegs, good boned, are straight and parallel seen from the front; the hind limbs, strong and well angled at the knees and hocks.
WHO IS IT RIGHT FOR                           
It is always displayed in good physical condition; the breed has a rough texture, competed with ornaments.
The Australian Terrier always has something to do: this is a small, very active dog that can be constructive and obedient. Discipline is necessary, since otherwise the Australian Terrier will do what it pleases. Natural born worker, which resolves problems quickly, offers hours and hours of help and fun to its masters. A good guardian, is not a biter but has character; sociable but full of purpose; with a temper but obedient.
The newborns weigh about 170g, and if they have dewclaws at the hindquarters, they should be removed as soon as possible. The tails is docked to 2/5 of its length between the third and seventh day. We should point out once more that countries member of the UE do not allow any type of docking or amputation in company animals in compliance with the different Guidelines. The ears should not be cropped, and should be erect after four months. Dentition and other growth demanding factors can be the cause of ears raising or dropping. If not kept erect after four months, it might be necessary to fix them with tape. The Australian Terrier usually reaches maturity between a year and a year and a half, although sometimes they already reach they maximum height after seven months. The adult weighs between 6 and 7 kg. Incorrect bites are not frequent. There no growth specific problems, although by experience it is known that human contact has a positive influence in mental and physical growth. The owner is advised to be consistent and affectionate with their dogs.
After few weeks, the Australian Terrier is black with small tan spots. The areas are extended. These areas extend as the puppy grows. 
Throughout life, the Australian Terrier needs reaffirmation. It can lose confidence during puberty, so give it support and stimulation. 
Due to its functional growth and robust structure, these Australian dog breed is extremely tough, practically exempt from problems as frequent as hip dysplasia, entropion, or congenital coronary problems. There is a minor incidence of Legg-Perthes disease and progressive retinal dystrophy. The two largest concerns are diabetes mellitus and chriptorchidism, and not even these anomalies are frequent. The Australian Terrier is happiest as a domestic dog, not too exposed to the outdoors, any can live happily to 14 years. A highly energetic dog that needs and enjoys plenty of exercise. It loves to please and stands out in obedience – don’t be fooled by its small size. Although this little man displays a typical Terrier superior air, it really needs plenty of human affection and praise to keep its ego intact. Care includes “stripping” of the Terrier’s hard hair, not too excessive work, but it does require certain skill. It should never be trimmed.