The coat of the Tervuren Belgian Shepherd is abundant and straight, with the ears well provided with hair and stripes at the neck, limbs and tail. The show specimens have these characteristics perfectly.
The Tervuren is a square dog with a very proud stance, agile, strong and very smart. Well proportionate and elegant, the male is from 62 to 64 cm, and the female, from 58 to 60 cm. The head is strong and in good proportion with the body. The eyes are medium size, almond shaped, never bulging. The ears are triangular and erect, never dropping. The neck is round and with enough length to allow a proud head carriage. The withers are slightly more elevated, and descending towards the back; the upper outline is leveled and straight; the chest is deep, but not wide. The abdomen is not tucked nor does it appear hanging. The rump is medium length and sloping. The forelegs are strong and parallel; the hind legs, also parallel, and with good substance, with oval bones rather than round. The feet round with dark nails. The tail is strong, not too short, never docked. The coat is straight and abundant; not too short, never docked. The coat is straight and abundant hair; not silky or hard, not wavy or curly; the texture is somewhat rough. The ears, well provided with hair; a hair collar around the neck; hair stripes at the back of the forelegs; abundant hair at the thighs and tail. The female never has as much hair as the male. The undercoat is extremely thick, varying according to the weather. The color goes from a strong fawn to a dark chestnut with a black shadowing on top. Completely black or liver is not admitted.
Welcome to a companion with no problems, very talented and affectionate: the Tervuren has it all. 
The Tervuren fans are completely convinced that this Belgian Shepherd variety is the most versatile, and that it has at least as much talent as the popular German Shepherd. The Tervuren needs stimulation, but it is not necessary to repeat. It learns quickly and remembers. It has the best disposition, and stands out in obedience, since its greatest desire is to please its owners. It is an active dog outdoors, not recommendable for life in a flat. It is excellent with children and a proven guardian, able to pick up children during bedtime.
The Tervuren weighs between 4 and 6.5 kg after eight weeks. Its growth is uniform and constant, although some specimens go through growth sprouts, when the limbs grow more than the body. The breeders calculate three years for physical maturity, although some dogs and especially females mature before. The buyer should select the puppy carefully for its character, insisting in puppies that have been duly socialized during the first eight weeks. The Tervuren puppy should be adaptable and confident, and kind of course. The ears should be raise during dentition. The young Tervuren is often delicate when eating, and it should be ensured adequate nutrition. The adult Tervuren usually eats well. The coat turns more reddish and black after each shedding.
The puppy ears should be raised naturally after four months. These are perceptible puppies, quick in thought, which require an aware owner. 
Hip dysplasia is not frequent in the Tervuren, although it can occur and it is still essential to perform X – rays. There are cases of epilepsy in the breed; this can be determined through an ECG at early age. Thyroid secretion and pancreatic problems have also been reported, and the breeder should be asked about this risk. Some breeders advise a diet with less fat to avoid pancreas problems. Hypothyroidism, which manifest through convulsive episodes, has been diagnosed in the Tervuren. Also ask about possible reactions to vaccines and anesthetics. During shedding, the Tervuren’s dense fur can release a lot of hair and it is convenient to brush it every day. Its longevity is between 12 and 16 years.
Growth is usually regular, although sometimes the legs can get a little ahead (or not) during puberty.