Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Another American organization is CERF, Canine Eye Registration Foundation, which offers a similar service for eyes. Eye problems are prominent in a series of popular breeds, and the owners should be aware of ectropion, entropion, pannus, retinal detachment, dislocation of the cornea, progressive retinal atrophy (APR), Collie eye anomaly and other disease incidence. Some of these anomalies are already present in the puppy’s age and require CERF check up.
Although most breeds require a check up for hereditary defect, the Frise Bichon is happily free of most congenital disorders.
There are other organizations founded to help breeders and owners to discover serious hereditary problems in dogs. Unfortunately only serious breeders are aware of the problems affecting their breed. Many others continue to breed affected animals and carriers, which can be profitable in the short term, but in the long run seriously affect the breed that they supposedly love so much.  This breed also offers a detailed description of the appearance the adult dog should have, and how the puppy grows into that appearance. If you wish to buy a certain dog breed, you should know what it should look like. Is it really that clear? For example, if you are buying an eight week Pomeranian, and the salesman gives you a furry 5 pound pig, saying “Here is your new Pomeranian”, run away! If your Labrador salesman has an exceptional brindle colored puppy with a shaggy tail and says “Here is your new Labrador”, run away! Also do it if your Boxer puppy is practically albino; if your Rottweiler puppy cannot run well and has a grown Boxer’s size when it is eight weeks, if the Pit Bull puppy growls at your three year old, run away!
Perhaps the prettiest eyes in the canine world belong to the Weimaraner: there are no contact lenses here. A check up serves to chose eyes with no congenital problems.
This attractive dog can even be seen through its chordate hair. The Komodor needs large spaces; it is a great sentinel that needs to be able to exercise a lot.