A versatile Coarsegotaspets can be just what the shepherd ordered! Although its habit is to bite the stray cattle’s heels, this habit can be perfectly applied to guide children and other domestic animals.
It is considered one of the authentic Swedish breeds, it is a small, quite long dog, with an appearance of labor work with a robust build. The head is quite long and snub wedge shaped. The muzzle is quite square from a profile; the nose black; the eyes medium sized, oval shaped and dark brown; the ears are medium sized, pointy and erect. The neck should be long and strong; the shoulder blades long and well sloping backwards; the back leveled with short and strong kidneys. The chest is long with good depth; ribs well chiseled, wide and slightly descending rump. Well angled hindquarters, with low hocks. There are two types of tail, naturally long and short (if any, the tail is no longer than 10 cm). The coat is medium length, hard and permeable hair with soft and dense undercoat. The most sought colors are grey, brown or grayish yellow, and the reddish brown with darker hairs at the back, neck and sides of the body. Dark well defined mask, and lighter areas around the eyes, muzzle and throat. The dog should be 33 cm; the female 31 cm. A ± 1.5 cm variation is allowed.
WHO IS IT RIGHT FOR             
A Corgi is a different color than this Swedish forest dog, but that is comparable to Corgi breeds in every aspect, except in color and popularity. 
An European breed that has walked its first steps in Great Britain and the US, the Swedish Vallhund (or Coarsegotaspets, as preferably known at home) has been called a different colored Corgi. Although it can be very similar to these charming Welsh miniatures, it is taller at the limbs, more active and has a softer temper than the Corgi, which is very much its own. Although it never defeats the Corgi in number, under whose shadow it seems to be constantly, it is a devoted company animal, obedient and who loves to participate in family activities.

An eight week Coarsegotaspets weighs from 4 to 5 kg. The future owner is recommended to study the breed, visit shows and breeders before making the choice. The Coarsegotaspets puppies should be active, open, happy and kind. The ears should be small and clean, and the general impression should be of a small working dog – as a breeder said, almost a little devil! - . As the Coarsegotaspets grows, its color will change to a rich saber color (wolf), and the thick undercoat will emerge. Education requires firmness, and the owner should be careful of not forming a reserved dog with too severe training techniques. As a Spitz breed, the Coarsegotaspets can be quite vocal. Complete maturity is reached between the 18th and 24th month.
“Almost a little devil” as the peculiar Coarsegotaspets is described, which is not afraid of using its bark and pursuing its devilish ideals. A Coarsegotaspets promises more fun for your, until now, neat home.
Believe it or not, teaching the devil is not as difficult as it seems. The Coarsegotaspets responds to training admirably and allows you to think for it… sometimes.
The Coarsegotaspets has been a working dog for a long time in its native Sweden, and current breeders have inherited a dog free of serious hereditary disease. Breeders have no reports of disease, although timely X – rays for defects as common as hip dysplasia and progressive retinal dystrophy are always handy. The Coarsegotaspets is a long-lived dog, usually reaching 12 or 15 years. Its long back construction doesn’t seem a problem either, although the owner should keep the shape and muscles of the dog with an adequate diet. It is an active breed and requires plenty of exercise. Its nice and complying personality makes socialization easier.