Dog Breed by Temper

The temperament and use of the different dog breeds are the group common denominator in which the breed is included or classified. The owner instinctively knows which dog type goes with him and which doesn’t. Choosing a dog based on looks can lead to disaster, since the dog’s character is as or more important. And let us not forget our dog’s health. Due to the large breed number in the world, dog fans have a wide dog range wagging their tail to choose from, proceeding from dozens of different countries around the globe.

From the more than 440 breeds existing in the world, about 150 are accessible to American readers, and probably more for British and European readers in general. As the international dog scene continues to advance, increasingly more breeds come forward to our eyes and hearts.

The future owner needs to be well informed about the pros and cons of different canine breeds. Subscribing to a canine magazine, visiting canine shows and contests, calling the Canine Society or the Breed Club to get breeder guidance, getting in touch with protective societies and visiting libraries are many ways of catching up in the dog world. Choosing a dog can be a fun event that leads to finding the perfect new friend: a dog for life.              
Looked down on as the Cairn Terrier and disqualified the West Highland White Terrier charms thousands of people with its kind character and good disposition.
A Polish treasure that has finally reached our country, the Polish Shepherd of the Plains is unbeatable as a company dog, rustic and all heart.