Dog Over-breeding

Almost without exception, after three decades, the super popular breeds have been ruined by exploiting “breeders”, who understand nothing about dogs, and less about their reproduction. From the nearly schizophrenic Irish Setters in the 70s, the “small head big brains” Dobermans in the 80s, to the thuggish and savage Rottweiler (who can’t run) in the 90s, the breed booms have terribly affected these favored “dogs of the week”. Fortunately serious breeders (those who have a couple of decades in the breed) come to the rescue. These breeders have kept good breed representatives with correct morphology and balanced temperaments. They already bred before the breed’s name was commonly used, and will continue to breed when the breed’s boom has been forgotten.

Even so, there are ways of acquiring a good specimen of a popular breed. The authors stress in the value of owner education. You really need to know about the breed, its requirements, its temperament and aptitudes, before running to a pet store with your credit card! While still paying attention to the dog you have purchases, you can come across unpleasant surprises, such as your lovely puppy fur ball can become larger than your car, or begins eating one of the wheels… and that their vet bills are more expensive than your mechanic’s.
The always popular German Shepherd, and its smaller shepherd colleague, the Welsh Corgi Pembroke, need time and space to exercise. 
Here people who want to find a dog that adapts to their lifestyle, goal and personality – a dog that won’t end up as a statistic in a protective society or pet store returns - . A dog is to stay, so we intend that the dog you choose is a dog for life.
Fortunately, in there is a lot of good people in the canine dog, who consider that every dog has the right to a dignified life. In the last years, protection societies have been created. These organizations, which sometimes operate from a breeder’s home, are devoted to finding abandoned dogs from a determined breed and seeking an appropriate and lasting home for them. Too many times a dog is purchased out of a whim. Breed trends are usually harmful for the dog. Setting aside the poor dog’s quality, even if its hips don’t work as they should, the dog is still a dog, and dogs are trusting, affectionate creatures by nature that live from their sentimental bond with man.
Even on its feet, the Lakeland Terrier can reach the top of popularity, even having a famous owner!

The Bearded Collie is an affectionate breed, full of life that enjoys increasing popularity.