Dog Protection Associations

The stories in dog protective societies move even the coldest hearts. We, who are dog lovers at heart, suffer for each of them. We know that dog is a social creature. It descends from a pack animal and cannot live as the “lonely wolf”. Socializing is the key for a good company dog. Only serious breeders can socialize a puppy properly. Socializing means giving the puppy real life experience, allow it to hear noises from the external world, allow it to feel human touch and allow it to lick human faces. Well bred dogs are not necessarily show specimens, but reliable company animals, socialized, with a balanced character and who love human beings.

The 90s are marked by black and tan: the Rottweiler has quickly become the pure breed most turned into the neighborhood dog; but even the well bred specimens are not for everyone.

It is not easy to be a dog – i.e. a good dog – since it requires education. Dog show breeders can breed seeking morphologically perfect specimens, but every breeder, of any breed, should seek balanced characters and genetic and health problem absence. Approximately 80 percent of the dogs a breeder produces turns in to a mere “company animal”. Every dog should be functional! – Functional company dogs, able to walk and run and play, and who can enjoy good health for more than five or six years - .  Even though longevity varies according to breed, we should expect our dogs to reach ten, and if possible, many more. When purchasing a puppy, find out how many years its grandparents lived, an if possible, its great grandparents. Some large and popular breed statistics will make most possible buyers desist. The bond between person and dog is very strong, and who wants to lose a friend early?

The work of the Delta Society, an American organization devoted to strengthen bonds between people and animals, has provided a lot of information about animal relevance in our lives. Their studies have revealed how communication with a dog can lower the person’s blood pressure, and add smiles and years to elderly and lonely people; how company animals influence positively in children’s growth, and help autistic children and abused teenagers. The Delta Society also helps handicapped, blind and deaf people, breeding and promoting therapy dogs, dogs for the deaf, seeing dogs and other types of assistance. Therapy dogs bring light to the dark in nurseries, hospitals, mental institutions and even prisons and penitentiary centers.
Puppies need much love and attention. Never choose a puppy that is shy even when close to a hand.
The Bulldog has a face that only a mother can love, but sometimes that face is its best trait.