A kind, not showy dog toy, the toy Manchester Terrier can also be known as the English toy Terrier. Whichever its name, this is a small, slim, black and tan dog, with a good disposition. 
The English toy Terrier, also known as toy Manchester Terrier weighs less than 3 kg and it is told apart from its larger cousin, the Manchester Terrier, for its naturally erect ears, which are more separated at the base, and narrowing at the tip. Unlike the Manchester Terrier, cropped ears disqualify for show; in addition, the ears of the English toy Terrier should never be wide, with a snub or bell tip. In general it is slightly longer than tall, and has enough bone and muscles to guarantee its agility and resistance. Invariably, it is short haired, black and tan, with a smart and alert expression. The eyes are small and almond shapes, set obliquely and shiny; the head is long and narrow, without visible cheekbones, and forming a snub wedge. The muzzle and skull are the same length. The neck is long, graceful and slightly arched; the chest is narrow but deep; wide ribcage; tucked in abdomen; the tail, wide at the base, sharpening at the end, low inserted, it can’t surpass the hock end. Straight forelegs, closed elbow; compact and well arched feet; good back angulations; low hocks. The black and tan color is well defined, without one merging with the other, it has tan colored spots, rosettes on both sides of the chest, over the forearms, under the tail and at birth; white is highly undesirable in any part of the body.
WHO IS IT RIGHT FOR             
Even in the puppy, the Manchester’s intelligence and livelihood already shows. 
An infrequent election, the English toy Terrier has maintained a regular fan base in England during years and is one of the authentically English breed. It is small but not fragile, and attractive for its shiny black and tan coat. The English toy Terrier is an affectionate dog that requires an affectionate owner to teach it and share its life. It can become aggressive and excitable if spoiled or inappropriately handled. As most toy, it needs correct handling and socialization to develop its charming personality.
The weigh at birth is 140 to 170 g. Dewclaws are removed during the first week. Puppies are usually born completely black, although a minimum of tan spots can be visible. Tan patches should be apparent at four weeks. Thumb and pencil marks usually take longer to appear. Ear carriage is important, since the candle light ears are characteristic to the breed. Never cropped, the ears can be erect after a month to six months. The ears that are not raised after six months should be “glued” professionally. (Doing it too early is not advisable). There can be teeth retention, which should be removed.
The puppy needs time to get used to walking on four legs. Never fragile or weak in appearance, the puppy could look awkward. The mother should be extrovert and kind, not nervous or unpleasant. 
The English toy Terrier is a tiny company dog, easy to care for. Care is very simple, a little more than brushing every two days, and regular eye, ear and pad inspection. It is susceptible to tarsus dislocation, which can be corrected surgically. Skin is sensitive and it should be protected from cold and wet weather. Skin infections occur in the breed, which can be limited to a certain extent with due care. An unusual skin anomaly, called coetaneous asthenia, has been documented in the large Manchester, whose symptoms include soft, delicate, humid skin with pale coloration (due to its genetic proximity, this anomaly is also possibly in the toy). There have been cases of epilepsy and Von Willenbrand, although not very frequent. The English toy Terrier requires more physical exercise than other toy Terriers. It has some blood anomaly background as well as gingivitis and other dental and gum problems.
Don’t run off to choose a puppy from the litter. The Manchester breeder can advise you about the individual personality of each. His advice is more valuable than your own impulse or evaluation.