Heavier than the English Cocker Spaniel but as happy, the Field Spaniel was designed with resistance, docility and harmony in mind. 
A medium sized hunting dog, not without beauty and nobility, the Field Spaniel is a symmetrical dog, well done, with good and free movement, a lot of activity and resistance. The adult males stand at 46 cm, females are 2.5 cm less; it should see, longer than tall. The head is well proportioned; the ears moderately long and wide; the muzzle long and clean, never pointy or square cut; the lips tight. The neck is long and slightly arched, muscled and clean; the back is straight and firm; the chest is deep; the tail low inserted and docked to balance the dog. The coat is simple and moderately long, always thick and shiny, smooth or slightly wavy. Excessive fur interferes with the dog’s work ability, for which it is incorrect. The Field Spaniel’s color is black, liver or roan (in every color tan marks are admitted). The FCI and the KC do not admit black and white or liver and white.
Few people see the Field Spaniel with a coat in this color and even less a roan colored one. It is said that crossings with the Springer Spaniel have brought the roan to the Field Spaniel.
Active but not nervous, the Field Spaniel is a Spaniel breed with a character balanced with natural intelligence. Many Field Spaniels are used for hunting in England and the US, although its number in both countries is reduced but firm. It is a dog that gets along with children, and it loves to be indoors as much as outdoors. It can be noisy, for which it should be carefully corrected.
One of the least popular acknowledged breeds, the Field Spaniel is bred by few in the US. In general this forms a reliable breeding base, and puppies are usually healthy and free from hereditary problems. 
The Field Spaniel weighs around 170 g at birth. However, it grows with a good rhythm and after eight weeks it weighs between 2 and 3 kg. The tail is docked (to a third) and dewclaws removed after 3 to 5 days. The Field Spaniel usually reaches its maximum weight at over nine months, reaching complete maturity between 11 and 13 months the females and between 12 and 16 months for the males. The puppy should be extrovert and not show any fear. food should be provided twice a day to seven months, afterwards twice a day, according to the dog and its personal traits (activity level, metabolism, etc.).
The Field Spaniel grows at a good pace, and reaches maturity between 11 and 16 months, according to individual and sex. 
Being it a breed with a reduced specimen number, little veterinarian research has been conducted. Hip dysplasia is reported, as well as pyometra. There is no incidence of these cases. Breeders also inform a type of hypothyroid anomaly that affects some females after delivery. It is known that the Field Spaniel is sensitive to anesthetics, which the veterinarian should consider. Due to the limited breeding base, some Field Spaniels can be affected by problems from crossing with the Springer Spaniel.
Puppies can be reserved at first sight, although breed enjoys human company. Early socialization will stimulate this valued trait.