Finding The Ideal Dog

There are the dog people, and there is the rest. The dog people are those whose life is not complete without a dog, or two, or three. Not all dog people are good dog owners, but they are people who have always had a dog, for which they continue having it. Many times you hear “My mother bred Pomeranian that is why now I have a Cocker and a Shar-Pei”. Then there are those who understand the commitment that having a dog carries: not simply walking and feeding it, but devoting quality time to the animal and making it really feel as part of the family. Active families choose active dogs as the Golden Retriever or the Labrador Retriever, and the challenge of having a dog with its talent is a full time job.
If you have decided you want to have a dog, or you want a dog to have you, now you should evaluate what you want it for. Dogs are very versatile and intelligent, large and small, fat and slim, calm and tough. Do you have a job for the dog? Guardian, shepherd, roommate, kangaroo, hunting partner, etc. Choosing a dog can be compared to choosing a partner. Usually a young lady knows what she is looking for in a boyfriend, although many times she falls in love with a stray dog, instead of a champion with three generations of Best in Show winners.

Stray dogs also allow affection, and have a lot to offer a dog loving person. For many, mutts are closer to the “natural” dog, by not having its genes altered or isolated by man. The argument of hybrid strength is still strong, and mutts can live more than pure breeds (3 to 1) and are usually healthier.

Going back to the young lady that this time doesn’t mind the stray, but continues to wait for the pure breed of her dreams: “The dog she loves will come someday”. She will have to decide what it should look like, big and strong, or tall and slender; should he be a protector, guardian; or sensitive and domestic?

There are so many dogs to choose from as husbands in the world, and the puppies are easier to train than spouses. Besides, the puppies listen to you when you talk to them. The future dog owner should also evaluate the time he will have available to dedicate to its life (ex. The size of his flat or house, fenced garden, neighborhood, distance from a basic puppy school and obedience classes, etc.) and the family and rest of the people that would have to share their life with the dog.

The puppy of your choice should be socialized, its temperament proven and well adjusted to the human world. The puppy should be extroverted and not shy, showing all the vitality and health that this small creature should have. The breeder should answer all your questions and respond to any concern you may have. The puppy should be vaccinated and dewormed, so you can continue to with the vaccination program. Ask to see the litter’s parents, if possible. Usually the mother has to be available. Have in mind that she has been taking care of the entire litter during six or eight weeks, and that its appearance can be a little disheveled. Even if she has lost a lot of fur after delivering, she should not be in the bones, or get nervous when people touch her puppies. Since some mothers are more protective than others, the mother’s temperament will be a reference to its puppy’s possible personalities.

The English Setter is a sport dog that requires moderate exercise and adapts to many environments.

Lady’s choice! The Doberman is an excellent guardian and an affectionate and obedient companion. 

Take a good look at the temperament, even if it is a breed as docile as the Labrador Retriever. Puppies should display an extrovert and sociable character.
The Chow Chow puppy should be affectionate and trusting. A well socialized Chow puppy is the only one you can have, love and present in a show.